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Any reviews on Louds Premium XJ-13 or Godzilla Glue or the Mac 1 would be appreciated...Thanks



  • I’m interested in the current batch of Mac 1 and also the XJ-13. Looks like lots of folks liked the Rainbow Gushers based on previous reviews

  • I am a fan of both Mac 1 and the XJ. The previous batch LOUD had was 🔥. I preferred the XJ over the other, but that might be just me

  • Just got my order Saturday. The MAC is beautiful medium chunky buds, but they were dry AF. I heard it disintegrating in my grinder. LOL It had almost no smell and even with a boveda for a few days it has not bounced back. I smoked a joint and ended up with just a head buzz. Interested to hear some other opinions on this batch of mac. In MY opinion it was kinda a disappointment. No biggie tho.
    Glad i split my zip with alien rock candy cuz a half a joint of that and i was lit.

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    Well...There does not seem to be much interest or buying of Loud's other PREMIUM strains...?

  • Let me know when they get Jager and White Rhino again 👍🏼

  • I was wondering that myself @Katy. I had asked on another post about the BlackBerry Kush that’s up and nobody has commented about it nor have I seen reviews about it.

  • I am ordering some of the Rainbow Gushers to try.

    Also, now that I've breached the wax vaping threshold (and I like it), I'm ordering some Sunset Sherbert Diamonds to try out. Then, I'll be getting my first batch of shatter to try out after that. I want to see which one I like the most. That MAC-1 wax I got from Mama before she left was stellar. Clean, smooth hits. No real smell, so it was perfect for toking in my vape pen on the go. Want to see if Diamonds and Shatter hold up the same.

  • Still waiting on ANY premium reviews ?

  • I got some ver questionable stuff, labeled as MAC, Gellati, gellato, whatever. It's been old and crummy , and I can't really enjoy it . Magic Knight, NG ( no good)
    Sorry. I do get tired of throwing away a hundred dollars, and coughing my COPD head off

  • @posternugbag - Between the two, I like the XJ better. That is my personal opinion.
    @OzBaxter - I have been wanting to try shatter and wax. I was wondering how long it lasts compared to weed.
    Like others here, I am wondering what others think of Loud's premium strains. Seems like several like Rainbow Gushers.

  • I love Loud's Premiums. Rarely do they let down. There is a variety right now that I have not tried, but I've heard nothing bad about them. There is always going to be a troll constantly complaining about every strain they get from every shipper and how it doesn't meet their "expert expectations" or match the vast and freely available "superior strains" they can get "elsewhere" (it's always the same vague whining). But I've rarely ever heard from someone who is a regular customer giving a thorough and detailed review on Loud's stuff being anything but at least worth the money. So my advice is figure out what you like (I google Leafy info on each strain) and choose your adventure. 👍🏼

  • @Gen I'm just now experimenting with wax using a wax vape pen. I like it so far but I haven't done it enough to decide what the advantages are versus toking. I'll let you know how the Diamonds that I ordered work out

  • Gellatti and magic Knight weren't on the menu for like months. Your connect fucked you bro. Get a boveda 62 pack and learn how to rehab fukt bud Gym ass

  • And magic Knight was medmama.

  • @OzBaxter Thank you. I ordered from MedMama for years and didn't venture. I have been ordering on this site for 5+ years. Mama was good to us and will be missed. I read mostly good reviews for Loud. I keep looking at their Dutch Treat. Sounds like a wonderful indica. I may add a sample gram. Medman currently has a great selection.

    I want to thank everyone for taking the time to write a review & sharing knowledge.

  • I thought Dutch treat was sativa leaning?

  • @Fastguy199

    I just finished up my Dutch Treat from @LoudnCo and it was some amazing indica leaning bud that took care of every pain I deal with on a daily. And talk about sleep like a cat! 😋
    I recommend it for anyone who is looking for a wonderful indica.

  • @MigraineWarrior79 thanks I missed that, now I feel obligated to order some Dutch treat, maybe split w forbidden fruit. My only issue is my wife sees the same informed delivery, and she can get cranky w all the packages from WA/Cali. Especially since I went nuts on mamas retirement sale. Any ideas? Anyone?

  • @Rubygirl816 this last batch of BlackBerry Kush is without a doubt the best in over a year. The bud's I recieved were medium sized with a grape&berry aroma The flavor followed but with earthy, sweet herbal following on the exhale. Definitely a worthy purchase, I was skeptical because I've been disappointed with the two previous batches. @Katy my only experience is with the MAC 1, @LoudnCo sent me 4 freebie joints in my last 5 order's 👌😁. I really like this batch, for me it's a good wake and bake on morning's I have nothing to do. Or the perfect afternoon strain for those days when you need a focused mind, "but need to decompress" from the people and stress of your day jmho. @OzBaxter glad to hear you're making a foray into concentrates..remember "some diamonds" have a higher melting temperature than waxes and shatters. Concentrates run the gambit from 75-98%. But for some people 17%-28% thc is all they need and higher doses can cause paranoia and other enjoy but recognized symptoms if they appear. @fallguy I guess a new wife's out of the question 😁 short of that😉 I'd suggest a P.O. box or a very trusted friend for a delivery address. Or do what I did let her shop for med's with you.. then uh hmm go shopping with her and see where you stand. Unless I order 1/4's & 1/2's it's rarely ever mentioned anymore 😂🤣 @MigraineWarrior79 I hate I missed out on Dutch Treat so far. I don't see any in my immediate future. I know that it has to be a powerful medicine if it can help you our WARRIOR, but I bought a 1/4lb of Mars Landing and two zip's of Runtz before mom retired 😥 Added to stocked medicine cabinet I should be good for a few weeks 😉 Please keep your reviews coming they are always spot-on.. and are really helpful for those of us with insomnia and unrelenting pain issues. ❤💚💨🍀

  • Howdy, @MigraineWarrior79 , long time no talk!

    I think you tagged the wrong “guy” 🤣😂👋🏻

  • @Fallguy

    Well, there ya go. I've been high as fuck, hahahaha

  • @MigraineWarrior79 welcome to the club 🙄 been there still doing that.

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    Emerald Sizzurp (Syrup)

    Super pleased with this selection from @LoudnCo tho I admit I’m a total sucker for fun strain names 😄

    Small to medium sized ‘Nugz are dense af, I mean solid fkn rocks. A joy to look at - some great autumn colors in these with ample patches of sparkly trichs. Sweet nose, definitely with those melon (I smell/taste cantaloupe!) terps mentioned in the listing, plus a noticeable gassy hit of polyvinyl like that used in kiddie pool inflatables - a thick and grungy terp I always really enjoy. Buzz comes on fast and hard, then gently inflates the back of your eyeballs for a lengthy lid droop that is near comical.

    This zip is now in boveda rehab. It was paired with a freebie .5 twist of purple punch.

    I don’t do premiums often but said WTF and am happy for it. Another home run that arrived a day early along with my Merlin 🧙‍♂️ order of PK that arrived a day late. How’s that for timing?

  • @funkynugz damn son you have some mighty fine looking buds there. Beautiful frosting, they look to have a nice dusting. I appreciate your review it's very descriptive and detailed except for the high and aroma I'm there lol. Keep your reviews coming in, I for one enjoy your post and views on flower and their concentrated cousins 👍🏼

  • Nice review, looks like a winner.

  • @funkynugz 😯 Great review & pic! Much appreciated.

  • @OzBaxter sounds like we both ventured into a new and wonderful world. I bought shatter for my first concentrated adventure. Love it - a lot. Arriving today will be CRC Hash. Been high and happy as a raccoon who's been eating overripe cherries for a week cooing its pleasure.

    Not sure why I waited so long to try concentrates. I should have done this all in one order instead of 5. Guess I just got excited by the number of options & the new suppliers.

    @funkynugz Really nice pic and review. Hope to see more of your reviews

  • Any word on Orange Push Pop, folks?

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    @funkynugz I love the cookies and cream genetics on one side of the family. And is it the sky strains genetics on the other side where the gassy and as you describe the polyvinyl aroma and terp profile comes from?? Whatever side of the family you're on sounds like the shizznit to me. Cookies and Cream while spacing out on the sky🍪🌌 @MigraineWarrior79 I loved 'em as a kid oh yeah bomb pops too...oh wait that was last summer😋

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