White 99 wax

The concentrates from CC have been fantastic. Definitely dispensary material. I’m going to post some pics soon as @medboy puts out the garbage. Some of the best wax I’ve gotten on here. My In laws LOVED it.


  • Now see I didn’t even have to mention you but you knew you were garbage 😂😂😂

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  • Sorry for the mess that person left, I've cleaned it up. Hopefully they find their way back to 8chan or wherever they came from.

  • @medboy thanks so much, what a piece of work!

  • And I love the jars they have it in as well.

  • Thx @Rubygirl816 for the review! CC has definitely came out swinging with the concentrates. I had the Kronocaine and that was top notch. How would you compare CC vs Louds shatters?

  • @LifeLong14 I’ve had the Kronocaine and Cherry Dip from CC and all I have to say is that Loud has some healthy competition when it comes to concentrates. The Cherry Dip might be some of the nicest shatter I’ve gotten from here

  • Agree with @Slabsofdabs loud has some competition with CC. This white 99 is easiest the best wax I’ve had on here yet! I guess it’s just very different when it comes from dispensary. And I also tried the Kronocaine and loved that as well, from CC. I will continue to get my concentrates and vapes from CC and loud and Merlin for my bud. Best of all worlds right here on MM.

  • @medboy thanks for cleaning up after a real piece of work. @Rubygirl816 I loved the kronocaine too and I agree some of the best shatter I've gotten from here. I'm waiting on some cherry dip myself, I've had the flower it's fantastic. I should have it by Thursday or Friday 🤞 You should try the tropsanto shatter if you want a super sedating indica. I vaped just two dabs a little smaller than a grain of rice. The body buzz is exactly that it feels like, you're muscles and skin are humming lol. But it gets me moving better. The euphoric high started super fast and lasted for hours leaving me all smiley,couch locked and floating on a cloud.😁🛋🔒💭

  • Thanks @MNTDWLER will try that next! Always could use a super sedating indica in my arsenal.

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