Need a Motivating Sativa

I'm really missing the Sour Joker... that strain pushes me through my day, keeping upright through the chronic fatigue💗 I had to buy Allen Wrench last time and even tho it wasn't quite as good, i even miss it too. the CC Durban Poison and Green Crack are whats keeping going but not a big fan of the Terpinolene. Its so hard to get purer sativas.. any suggestions from the shippers on maybe something super satty coming up to be offered❓


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    Always be on the lookout for loud's premium sour diesel. Can't go wrong with one of the originals. I also like the pineapple strains, so I'd try Pineapple Orange Cookies right now if I had to choose, but that's a hybrid. I'm also really tempted by Sour Willie.

    I still have a bit of Lodi Dodi left, which is another great one. I really enjoyed XJ-13 in the past, but I haven't heard good things about this latest batch.

    Edit - I just noticed that Merlin also has an outdoor sour diesel, so I'd definitely try that one if I wanted a sativa immediately.

  • I love the current xj13 but it alters my vision a bit so I'd say yes for a motivating workout strain but hard to read and work on it.

    Allen wrench was very motivating for me. I'm hoping to try some new sativa's soon.

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    Been a while since loud had any sour d a long time. Sour D is even getting hard to find on legal market. Takes a little looking its there tho along with animal face killer gezz its so intense

  • I just tried some Sour Willie from CC. It is very, very nice. I am ready to get out and take on the world. :wink:

    Durban Poison is my all time favorite, but this SW is amazing! 3 hits. That's all it took. I am adding it to my favorites list.

  • @justaguy is the sour willie dry,sticky? Thick nugs? Could you take a picture possibly? It’s no pictures of sour willie or Durban poison would be greatly appreciated.

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    It is not over dry, but not sticky either. It breaks up just right to burn in my pipe. The nugs are dense and lots of red hairs, and even some crystals.

    I don't know how to get a "glamor shot" so I know my photo won't do this any justice. :wink:

  • @justaguy thanks! Which would you say is better the Durban or sour willie ?

  • @Letsgethigh420 - I haven't opened the Durban yet. It's still in the vacuum pack.

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