Happy Veteran’s Day

To all our veterans, and I know we have a few here, thank you for your service and sacrifices! May our medicine bring us the relief and peace that we need! 🙏🧐


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    It was an honor to serve my country. Wasn't always "enjoyable" but it was always an honor.

  • Thank you to our men and women who have served!

  • Thank you for your service

  • Thanks for your service Vets. Puff a fat one today!

  • Thx @TheProfessor and friends. Serving was an honor and blessed me in so many ways. I'm always grateful for my fellow veterans!

  • And the families of veterans....Air Force brat here...We had to endure a lot as well, the constant moving to different bases and during the sixties when youre parent was overseas, wondering if youll ever see them again. Moving away from friends and having to make new ones, new schools etc. etc. Felt like I was serving many times especially when my dad would pop inspect our rooms for organization and neatness. Different life, different times....I digress.

  • Always nice to see fellow veterans. Semper Fidelis!

  • Sad that we have people that do not respect what some of us vet gave up to let our freedoms be enjoyed by all and what has that got us some of the worst congressmen and senators to be put in office.

  • @TheProfessor and to you my brother your 20 year service is a sacrifice to be noted by all. @superman38NC and to you my friend I just spent 10 days in D.C. with my fellow brothers and I am most definitely blessed. @Limonene Semper fidelis from a brother from the first of the first. AND THE ALL THANK YOU FOR THE SACRIFICE YOU HAVE MADE FOR YOUR COUNTRY AND THANKS FOR YOUR SERVICE.🇺🇸

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    @WilliamDavidHowell No matter who is voted for, we will have the worst congressmen in office. Everyone is paid for, they are all there to get rich and powerful and the only ones who make it that far are psychopaths out of necessity. You don't get that far without being one.

    The degrees of badness for every choice are not significant enough to make a difference. Plus the entire political system is designed to never be changed for the better. The only way to get more money and power in politics is to make problems worse on purpose.

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