Holly Berry

This bud reminds me of the discount bud Merlin’s just had. It’s dry as all heck and it’s almost like home grown. Has a weird taste too. I gave it to my husband who proceeded to call me later on that night and asked what the hell I gave him to smoke. So no wouldn’t buy this one again. This probably should have been discounted as well.


  • Lots big stems as well

  • Thanks @Rubygirl816! I’d been looking at it…it sounded good. Thanks for the heads up! I’ll be moving on to something else!🙏🧐

  • I have a quarter of this coming as well as an half of Do-si-dos.

    Ah well. Lol perhaps I'll make some edibles from it, or sell it. 😂

  • Dang @Rubygirl816 you have been striking out a bit latley. I hope orders improve for you! Tons of seeds last review now this.

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    Yes @Kayla should have stuck to what I know I like. Either wedding cake or my favorite zookies. I’ve been eyeing the cherry float because I love cherry pie, have you tried that one yet @TheProfessor? if I remember correctly, your wife and you loved the cherry pie mama had last year, as much as I did, was curious if you tried it yet? I hate spending money on premiums but might have to for cherry float.

  • You know, I seriously looked at Cherry Float @Rubygirl816, but the description is all wrong. The description is basically lifted word for word from Allbud for CHERRY CREAM PIE. Loud replaced "cream pie" with "float." I'd be all in on Cherry Cream Pie, but every reference I've found for Cherry Float indicates something completely different (no Cherry Pie genetics) and sativa leaning.

  • Ohhhhhh thanks for letting me know @TheProfessor sativa leaning is definitely not for me.

  • I did put the holly berry in a jar with boveda and it’s tasting a bit better tonight. Caught a buzz, but again just wouldn’t order again.

  • Requested a split with some cherry float so hopefully will find out soon and get back

  • It might have been copied from
    Wikileaf, I don’t remember @Rubygirl816, but I was excited because we do love Cherry Pie (still have about an 8th from 4/20). I just wasn’t going to take that chance. I look forward to your opinion on the Cherry Float @Vapedad78.

  • @Rubygirl816 , some of the finest cannabis I have ever come across has been "homegrown".

  • @TheProfessor yeah I do remember getting some pretty decent CP from MM last year or something and will do

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    I got some Cherry Float because like @TheProfessor I thought it sounded like Cherry Cream Pie. (which i got some from another site last year and was REALLY good). But this one doesn't have the same effect, so I don't think it is the same. Not one to make me think WOW, but I am sure it will eventually get smoked. :)

  • Gave the Cherry Float another shot today. Definitely sativa, will send you into outer space, or deep thought. If that is what you are looking for.

  • Thanks @Rockafire, that's what I suspected. Definitely not what I'm looking for!

  • It's good to visit outer space every now and then @TheProfessor. :wink:

  • Yes, I hear it's really nice this time of year.

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