Sour Willie (indoor)

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Oh my!

Sour Willie from Cannabis Club is a sativa lovers dream. The uplifting and fog clearing effects are quick.

I wish I could tell you about the taste and smell. The last week of September I caught that damned China flu, and now I can't taste anything at all, and my taste is only vague salty or sweet.

That being said, SW is awesome! For sure, those that shy away from sativas will want to run from this one.



  • There's NO such thing as China Flu.

  • I caught a virus that originated in a lab in Wuhan, China. It is designated Covid 19. It has killed millions and devastated economies. Call it what you will.



    It's not "Asian hate", The virus comes from China, it causes a flu, therefore China flu.

    This is not a political thread, stop making it one.

  • @justaguy yep! It also has a patent.

    Virus talk aside, I was very curious about sour willie now it’s in my next order 😉 I hope they reup on vape carts soon.

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    It's the CCP virus. There. I fixed it.

  • Flipping someone off on the site is weak

  • Anybody try cannabits,net?

  • @leaf are they legit?

  • I think so from what I’ve read. But I wouldn’t think they are as good as medman. I’m not trying it.

  • Wow. Thanks. I’m too old to know these tricks.

  • Verified smoke is private

  • Yes I liked sw too. And usually go with cc they seem to have decent, more along the lines of watch I used to get years ago. This time I got the bubba kush. It’s actually more potent than the second. I’m happy.

  • Verifiedoil is another good private one

  • @HeartlandHippie2945 thanks for the update, I was wondering why I didn't receive an invite.

  • Do you pay to get in these private groups? How does it work?

  • Medman sure is easy and reliable. I’m sure there are many ways to get smoke when you want it.....
    and higher THC products would be nice. My tolerance is getting lower and lower.
    Ideally I could find a strain that wouldn’t require me to smoke so much. Or maybe I should switch to concentrates.

  • Higher and higher, rather.

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