Delivery issue

Anyone ever have informed delivery state a package has been delivered but it hasn’t?



  • I've had that issue alot, im waaay out where only aircraft bring mail in. Usually another day and it might be there.

  • Mailmen do that often when they forget to leave the package. Hopefully they will bring it to you next day.

  • Yep, had this happen. I immediately contacted both USPS and Medboy about it. Turns out that USPS delivered to a neighbor. Luckily, they didn’t open it and it was dropped off. Phew!

  • Yea might be having a mini panic attack 🤣

  • Ordered the 21st, arrives today. I’m in the southeast. Unusual timing.

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    See what happens when everyone wants to get the job done and go away for Christmas 🤶🏻🎅😁 @Jaybird922 you need to get on a first name basis with your postal carrier lol. I've never miss a package except once and luckily it was 2gs of Maui wax and most people around here have no idea what it is...Tg

  • Something from 21st still showing label created only did go to 100 insurance so keeping fingers crossed

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    @Vapedad78 same thing, label created 21, with Merlin, went to 100 insurance, hasn’t moved since. Placed an order with CC 23, no label yet, figure today I will see that 🤞🏻

  • Yeah same but nothing today, hoping just hasn't been scanned while headed to destination cause starting get skimpy on the shelves but that's more on me than logistics lol I'll keep fingers crossed for you and the rest as well hope everyone had a merry Xmas

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    @Vapedad78 have you seen your package move yet? Mine is still sitting in preship. My cc order is out for delivery today. Ordered cc way after the package still sitting in preship. Sucks I have to wait for them to get back from break now!

  • Nope still hasn't done nothing since label 21st was really hoping would show possibly today definitely been long enough and whole reason ordered what and when did was so would had it by now, definitely disheartening fingers crossed for you @Rubygirl816 as well as any others

  • Thanks @Vapedad78 same for you 🤞🏻

  • @Rubygirl816 any word on your web end still same here

  • @Vapedad78 same, still in preship 😟.

  • Gotta love how they say hurry order before we take time off but then leave good ppl in the air with the label made excuse bc they was to lazy to really ship gotta love it

  • I have some live resin cart's coming from another shipper out west. Was confident in the order but I heard nothing back for 4 days. This morning I awoke to the happy message we mailed out your order this morning and you should have it in two of three days "just watch for the red,white and blue first class priority box container your order 🥳 I had some really good stiiizy indica cart's order from another supplier but but the time it came to fill my order it was all heavy sativa's or heavy leaning hybrids. There's going to be a restock going on across the country and I'm waiting for my go to guys to get back up and start selling something that's dank smelling .💚💨🍀

  • @Vapedad78 anything?? Nothing here yet, so I contacted medboy. Said he’s going to check with Merlin’s, You should probably do the same, if your package hasn’t moved yet either.

  • @Rubygirl816 yeah I also reached out and mentioned our similar situation this morn and got similar response so hopefully we find something out soon

  • @MoonMan5 I see all that shit too. That's all part of the game. It's just like buying in the streets, but it's like digital streets.

  • If you order on 21st, and they close on 24th, and don't open till 1/4, you still need to wait 7 more "business" days before you complain.

  • @Rubygirl816 might wanna keep an eye on your email, redo in progress, they stay on top on things here, love it and greatly appreciate it

  • @Vapedad78 i was just coming to tell you the same! Appreciate it so much as well!

  • Awesome! Good looking out @Rubygirl816 , great minds think alike or so I've heard😜

  • My orders on 20 days and counting not including the reships from previous orders back before thanksgiving😤🥺

  • 20 days in transit

  • Waiting on redo from 19th and just snagged so hoping for a race to finish line but ID doesn't seem to be updating or something so we'll see but they always come thru just gotta make things stretch lot further than usual but is what it is , fingers crossed for everyone

  • @Vapedad78 Out of curiosity, who did you order from? I've been waiting on a Loud and Co order from the 19th, but haven't gotten any word on my package other than the dudes are working through a backlog.

  • Anyone else having "im right, your wrong! Im Big your small! Attitude from MB?

  • Different vendor and no just relayed the pertinent info in professional manner so far.

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