Open early? Where's Loud&Co?

I thought the shop was closed till 1/4, but the order page is up and loud is not on the menu or order page.
Does anyone know what's going on?


  • They left a note for us saying they’d be back open for ordering on the 1st but Loud wouldn’t come back till 2nd.

    However, as of right now anytime anyone tries to order there is an error code and not letting anyone order anything. They are investigating it.


  • They're back tomorrow or next day

  • I didn't see the note I guess.
    Someone here loves to delete shit and cause confusion.

  • All shippers should be available by the 4th. The error code has been fixed. I just placed an order.

  • Yeah, I knew they were supposed to open Monday, but someone changed their mind I guess.

  • Everyone is back!

  • Where did they go now? I was about to order. Looked yesterday and they were there.

  • Hit their daily limit. They are back now.

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