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How come I'm not seeing anything from cannabis club


  • It's got me worried about my order

  • They pop up and back on throughout the day. It’s annoying because I just wanna put in an order NOW.

  • There is some sort of limit they meet daily. So if they get a ton of orders they just pop off the site until they are allowed to sell more.

    I believe this is correct. Not sure why some have limits for the day.

    Correct me if I’m wrong anyone. @medboy

  • @Crazycris Dont fret. I ordered from them just 4 days ago and have the 20 gs of concentrates I ordered from them already!!!

    It’ll come thru!!

  • Thanks guys just this my second order last time was loud co

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    @Bambino21 Is there a reason I don't even see a label yet from cc it's been 4 days

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    Ordered this week,got it this week, herb and shatter, plus 1g shatter bonus. All good in my book! Just check the menu at the right time I guess.

  • @medboy can you kill this thread for me thanks for your time and help

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