Been with the service for many years now, and the current menu and participating vendors has never been smaller per my recollection. I know I’m not always going to get my perfect selection, especially since MedMama left (was the best), but this selection is ridiculous, it’s essentially only CRC crap and buds, which if you’ve graduated to concentrate does no good- really bummed- possibly going to make the trip to Portland, Maine from New Hampshire to hit the dispensaries up there if there isnt any restock added soon- the prices on the half-gram vapes are really bad- sorry, they are. Almost $200 for 2 grams of distillate (4 1/2 gram carts) is absolutely crazy- just can’t bring myself to pay that and they are literally the only item left worth buying if they weren’t so pricey. Anyway, here’s to hoping something happens this weekend, otherwise it’s plan B.


  • @CapnChronic I feel your pain brother.

  • I think it ebbs and flows. Last month they had one of the biggest selections ever. Probably waiting on a re-stock. Just my guess. . .

  • Hope they get back to nml to meny awesome sites out there in this day and time exotics every where

  • This site has much potential, please stop the shady shit.

  • The menu is rather stale at the moment, and especially lacking concentrates and vape carts. I’m more of a flower guy, but the menus been worse. I remember a couple times over the past few years where vendors were down to little to no flower! I think/assume that we’ll be seeing some new selections very soon!😎🧐.

  • I’m with @TheProfessor I’m sure a big drop is coming. Probably trying to clear out inventory.

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    I just wish they would ship my order I made on Monday night. . . no label, nothing :neutral:

  • @Rockafire I ordered Monday to from CC not sure I've got a label created yet cause I don't have the general area CC comes from it's only my 2nd order

  • @Crazycris as for vendors, Loud is out of WA, Merlin is So CA, and CC from CO! We avoid specific locations for obvious reasons. Hope you see something soon!

  • This isn’t even the worst the menu has looked. There were times were we had 2-3 flower options and everything else was sold out. They’ll restock soon, just have to be patient

  • It's encouragement like this that makes medmama retire. Entitled Golden Karen's need to sit back, relax and enjoy the last, lemon party. Tit sag

  • @TheProfessor then I do have a label says arriving by early this coming week thanks for that info

  • Let's get back to perky tits, @MikeyC

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