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  • Thanks all! We are all testing negative and getting our groove back. :)

  • I ordered on the 8th, a label was created on the 16th (8 days later!) and still nothing today. Label still says "pre-shipment, awaiting order" so that really sucks but maybe it's wrong. Pretty annoying but I know shit happens...mostly I wish weed was legal here so I could just go to a store ad buy it and not have to wait indefinitely. I do love your product though @LoudnCo and hope you're all well.

  • i ordered from CC on the 14th and so far no update. i get there was a holiday but its the day after. oh i say no update because i use informed delivery and 9 outta 10 times it works so im wondering if this time its not. i generally get an email when a label has been created which is why i say theres no update yet and its not a holiday anymore lol

  • @Parasiteve I know huh? Usually CC & Merlin are quick to ship things out. Ordered on the 14th from Merlin & nothing on ID.

  • I also order from CC on the 14th. No update..

  • Dec 19 still waiting to find out something this the longest I've experienced hopefully hear some good news today

  • I texted you on your wall @Vapedad78 the other day. Wanted to see if you had gotten your package yet. I’m absolutely in shock you still haven’t gotten it yet.

  • I ordered from Merlin’s Sunday, the 16th. Had label made Monday and shipped Tuesday. Supposed to be here Saturday. I hope one day before I die, I can legally walk into a shop, here where I live, and actually buy what I want, when I want. I hope all of you get your packages and/or updates soon.

  • @Rubygirl816 thanks sorry hadn't checked my wall but I will and yes I'm absolutely shocked as well, first time in all this time it has happened so not that bad but still aggravating that now they're tryna say the order I placed same day they told me my Dec order was considered lost and reshipped was in fact the reship but in reality the more recent order did arrive in timely fashion but the reship never showed label and has most definitely not been delivered but thankfully can show so hopefully gets corrected today since been a month yesterday and still waiting

  • @medboy your communication is the best! Updates like this are so appreciated.

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