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It’s been years since I ordered from here.
Anything outstanding or is it just kinda normal?


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  • Og kush I just got from Merlin was great. I'd put in a loud order and have at it. Nothing disappointing in awhile for me. Since the menu is so stacked wait for reviews and then pounce.

  • The super premium MAC AAAA is 💣💥💨

  • @907ak420 it really is. I’ve been pressing it into rosin from my 20ton and 3x5 caged plates. A very nice buttery/waxy rosin at 180 for 3 min.

  • Wow @TheMad710Chemist i cannot believe how much powder flies off when you break a bud apart. These buds are huge!!!!!!

  • @TheMad710Chemist @907ak420

    Yall getting me hyped for mine I have coming in! 💚

  • @TheMad710Chemist what kinda weed to shatter yield have you been getting when pressing

  • Well it’s really all in the quality of rosin you want. If you want to preserve terps, you go for lower and slower. If you want maximum yield, you go higher temp and less time. I usually go somewhere in the middle and get about 12-14% depending on quality of bud.

  • Quality, thats one thing this place lost. Sure there are other sites to go to, sure there are other places to get good meds. But some of us still choose this site. Mis sent orders, ignored emailed. Im right your wrong attitude. Crazy loooong delays. When you finally get a response, they give you some kind of "im the adult here" crap about orders that go wrong. What happened to this place?!

  • Maybe I’ve been lucky, @907ak420, but my experiences have been the total opposite. I’ve been buying here since ‘17 and have certainly made dozens of orders and have spent thousands on pounds of flower. All but one order took a week or more for delivery, never been subbed, and the only lost order was promptly replaced by Medboy without issue. I still buy here because the quality is great (not much different from my dispensary Meds) and the prices are lower. Ordered 2 Zips last Friday night and they’re out for delivery today.🧐

  • @TheProfessor SAME. I’ve had minor discrepancies and they’ve all been remedied!! Only one lost order in 4 years now and was promptly replaced and sent back out to me. I’ve had a couple issues where I see what @907ak420 is alluding to. But if you are cordial, mature and give them a chance to make things correct. THEY WILL. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Have patience and pay close attention to your order forms and things should run smoothly.

    God bless.

  • Gotta concur with the prof and bambino. Ive had a few orders lost over the years but all were promptly replaced to my utmost satisfaction. I actually feel that the quality of the bud/vapes has been amazingly consistent if not getting a little better over time.

  • Saw the postman drop off my package, so I ran home to put it inside. Merlin honored my Lavender Runtz / Purple Punch 2 zip split and added a freebie gummy this time. Ordered late last Friday and arrived Friday morning before 11:00. The flower looks and smells great…can’t wait to try the LR for the first time after work, and I’m always happy to have some Purple Punch! Quality!🧐

  • Maybe its just a run of bad luck that will soon be gone

  • Thank you medman and crew, you guys rock. Time to cut this string of badluck with a fat bowl of Mac aaaa

  • I reported an issue about a couple orders being moldy and got out in the corner again🙄

  • I had one wasn't positive was gonna get and got a little anxious cause they thought I had received although definitely hadn't but it too got fixed so got nothing but love for this entire team and quality of meds always ends up better than anything locally

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