Is outdoor cheaper because of strength or what?

I guess quality goes premium-indoor-greenhouse-outdoor right? But I’ve bought a super premium that wasn’t strong, but looked good and I’ve had outdoor that was strong but was dry and not good looking. I’m getting ready for place an order for Green Dream and Hindu Kush but don’t want 2 oz of duds. What do y’all think? I have jars and boveda if it’s dry so is that the only reason outdoor is cheaper?


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    I have the outdoor Hindu Kush, and it's DYNAMITE as JJ from Good Times would say. I smoked half a jay of it last night, and it laid me out for 8 hours of amazing sleep!
    Before sleep, I was good and effed up! 😆
    I wish sativas didn't give me anxiety because I'd be all over the Green Dream.

    Personally, I prefer outdoors because it's watered and given light naturally from Almighty God, but that's me.

    I think a lot of folks pass up outdoor grown because it's viewed as not as potent, which has never been the case in my purchases. I think that reflects on the price so it doesn't just sit. 💚

  • @MigraineWarrior79 thanks for the reply! That’s good to know about the Hindu Kush. Ive had a batch before and it was nice but not overly strong, but I can’t remember if it was outdoor or not. Im an indica guy myself, but wife doesn’t smoke much because it all makes her sleepy. I wanna try out this green dream and see if I can handle it bc strong sativas give me anxiety as well.

  • I am getting my Green Dream today and I will let you know. I think outdoor is cheaper simply because its cheaper to produce outdoor pot and plus you get WAYYYYY more product at harvest as opposed to indoor. My favorite strain from this place was the Green House Jack Herer from Loud. I think as long as you like the strain/genetics then you will love it. I love outdoor weed

  • I think outdoor is also less expensive because the buds don't have that "High Times Magazine" frosty look, often. They can still taste delicious and be very potent. That's my 2 cents.

  • @BMan Cant wait to hear your review, thanks!

  • @baggy Exactly! That’s what I was wondering. Thanks!

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    Some of the best cannabis I’ve ever had from Medicineman was outdoor. The outdoor Sunset Sherbet from a couple of years ago was epic!

  • I agree. I've had some great outdoor bud here over the years. The lower prices makes it a win-win for me.

  • @PolkHighStar I dont recommend the Green Dream

  • One order of outdoor bud, i forgot the strain but the bud had what looked tiny black seeds, turns out they were tiny bugs🤢 while looking through the zip for a fat bud i noticed them. Flicked them off the bud on to the plate, to my dam surprise the little tiny seed started to crawl away. From there on i never ordered outdoor bud again.

  • Yikes! @907ak420 had several outdoor batches from here..diff vendors with no issues. (Especially like that 🤢). Like @TheProfessor said that outdoor batch of Sunset Sherbert was magical! Best outdoor I’ve had

  • @BMan " think outdoor is cheaper simply because its cheaper to produce outdoor pot" is about right. @907ak420 That's crazy! I guess I can see it happening because, well it's grown outdoors, but yikes. I can say it's not a common complaint at all.

  • @medboy, @superman38NC. I thought that was weird alright and figured they had to have been there because the bud was outdoor. I was fairly new to the site and just ended up tossing that zip because i had a nice order of four different strains and those other three kept me well afloat and comfortably numb👍👌

  • The skills of the grower matter more than indoor or out. It would be cool if the strains had the grower listed on here so we could follow and wait for our favorite ones.

  • Outdoor is the opposite of indoor

  • Had some outdoor O.G Kush last year in February and it was more pleasant to burn in cigar than indoor strains. Outdoor burn's more faster in my experience.
    Outdoor probably more for going out in doing a outdoor activity after smoking.
    Indoor more for indoor activities.

  • @907ak420 at least you know there was no paraquat.

  • @MigraineWarrior79 Please check out the new outdoor Purple OG... it's one of the best quality I've found in recent times <3

    Outdoor prices are cheaper because you don't pay electricity for the lights or overhead for structures.

  • @MerlinsMagic can you sure a pic of the purple?

  • @MerlinsMagic

    Thank you for the heads-up! I'll definitely check it out. 😋💚

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