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I'd been wanting to make ABV butter for awhile, but the wife convinced me to try ABV Honey first instead. So, yesterday, we made a batch of ABV Honey...WOW! It was easy, fairly clean, tastes pretty good, and less than a teaspoon hits us just as hard as Merlin's or our local med dispensary 25mg gummies, as well as the med. dispensary honey that we've tried!πŸ‘

We went with two cups (16oz) of local honey and one cup of ABV. We started saving our vaped flower over a year ago so it's a wide variety of 50/50 indica leaning hybrids to 100 percent indicas. We used cheesecloth (about 12" x 12", 6 layers), put the ABV in the middle and tied it closed with string (leaving at least 10-12 inches of extra string), essentially making a 1 cup ABV teabag.🀣 We put the honey in a larger glass crock and submerged the ABV bag into the honey and placed everything in a crockpot with about 3 inches of water on low for 4-5 hours. It was about 5 hours when we pulled the honey out of the crockpot to cool. I raised the ABV bag out of the honey and let it drain and cool. When it was cool enough to handle, we squeezed out as much honey as we could with tongs and gloved hands. The wife got wasted just licking the honey off her fingers!🀣 We ended up with about 10 oz. of honey, it turned a more caramel color, has somewhat of a nutty taste, and best of all, it didn't have to be strained...zero particulate! Being ABV, it doesn't have a cannabis taste or smell at all. What an easy, economical way to make edibles and get the most bang for the buck! Vape it, then make edibles out of it! I'll definitely be making more honey, but will also be trying ABV butter, using the same technique. I still have several cups of ABV left!😁😎🧐


  • 🀀🀀🀀
    This gives me EVEN MORE of a reason to get a Pax! (Like I needed another, right? 🀣)
    Now, you have homemade thc syrup that's healthy for ya! πŸ˜‹ Yummy. I loled at the wifey getting effed up from licking her fingers. πŸ’š

  • @professor can you let me know how the butter turns out for you I’ve been watching videos and most say you need to double the amount of abv from the amount if you used regular bud that had never been used I also read somewhere about water rinsing abv before using it in edibles so it didn’t have such a burnt taste if you don’t mind sharing your recipes I’d appreciate it I had actually been considering getting one of those magic butter machines to help me make mine also are you using regular unsalted butter or clarified

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    @Neverenoughsleep will do! It was kind of unplanned, which made doing honey pretty easy as a first time endeavor. I'm not sure yet what type of butter (leaning regular unsalted), but I'll probably stick with the same two cups of butter and 1 cup of ABV. One cup of ABV weighed right at 38g... well over an ounce. There's going to be 30-40% loss of butter in the end, so my goal is at least 1 cup of ABV butter. I'm not a big honey fan, but the wife loves it, says it's outstanding for sleep! Taste and strength is better than the dispensary canna honey I've had, but I'll look into water curing the ABV to see if it's worth the time and effort. It might be! Thanks!

  • You can cut the cheesecloth into a square and use it as a filter on the aeropress. Then you can squeeze like 99% out without getting your hands dirty.

  • Thanks @MikeyC I was not aware of the Aeropress...it'll be here tomorrow! 😁😎🧐

  • I'm all about LPTs for edibles. Just got schooled today on all the mistakes I've been making with my gummies. I also learned how to clone the famous gumdrops so I can actually try my hand at the gold standard.

  • @MikeyC please share your results and recipe for gumdrops.

    @TheProfessor I learned first hand to be careful when licking spoons while making edibles. I've never been more high in my life! LOL

  • I’ve been thinking about making my own edibles lately and have watched a ton of videos, I’m more of a set it and forget it type person so I was wondering if anyone had a herbal infusion machine, is it worth the cost of buying does it produce consistent results? I was actually looking at a combo kit that included a decarbulater has anyone used one of these or is the stove just as good. I’m thinking about starting out low probably aim for each serving to be between 10 and 15 mg just curious if anyone has any good recipes

  • I had the wrong pectin. I need irreversible. Will share when I actually make it. It's very impressive how many flavors they have and how long that takes for a new like me!

  • @Sixwaychili I would start with the Emily Kyle recipe for gummies and use coconut oil. I don't have a tumbler yet so I won't be doing sealing with inverted sugar or caranuba wax, but please note that the gummies recipe from Emily Kyle is not the gumdrops recipe.

    I also may be using real frozen fruit and MCT oil instead of alcohol extract turned into sugar and Lorann flavors, but I will guide you the right way.

    Please note I still love buying the gumdrops here and my version will not last as long as theirs. They got me beat on scale and it's a no brainer getting their gumdrops and refills.

  • Thanks @MikeC. My gummies that I made are still in my freezer and should last indefinitely there, but they have the consistency of gum that was chewed for about a week. I probably used too much gelatin. lol

    But they #*$# me up so much that I'm still high in the morning 8 hours later so I'm not throwing them out. ha I used 1.5 medmama refill syringes and got about 50 gummies.

    Lesson #12 - don't be high when making edibles.

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