Help me pick a sleepy indica from the current menu

Long story short, I’m trying to stop/limit drinking which is how I fall asleep most nights. I need a full on couch lock strain. Just got the outdoor Hindu Kush and it’s not strong enough for me. Smoke 1.5g blunts and sit around feeling slightly relaxed but not what I’m after. I prefer not to use Loud, but I will if they have the best strain. Indoor GMO (Garlic Cookies) looks promising and leafly says it’s what I’m looking for. Any suggestions before I put in an order today? (Wedding Cake is one of my favs, but Loud will send something different than what I am used to getting, so not that from them). Also, no premiums please. Care more about effects than looks.

Any good sleepy reviews of these? Thanks everybody!!!! 😁

Indoor GMO (Garlic Cookies)
Ice Cream Cake

Kush Berry

Cherry chem
Watermelon Zkittles



  • @MNTDWLER @MigraineWarrior79 yall have any thoughts? You’ve both helped me before. 🙂

  • I currently have Blue Dream, Green Dream, Hindu Kush, Sour OG, Wedding Cake, and Blue Gelato. This wedding cake is from CC or Merlin and is the only thing that’ll put me to sleep, but I’m running out. Help! Ok I’ll stop commenting on my own post now.

  • @PolkHighStar Have you tried the Purple Agave? Dweller thought it was pretty good and strong. I love Wedding Cake, but like Ice Cream Cake, it’s more of an afternoon/evening strain for me. You might get relief with the Cherry Chem, idk. If the Hindu Kush isn’t working for you, then the Cherry Chem may be your only Merlin choice at the moment. The recent Purple Punch is extremely sleepy when vaped (not near as sleepy smoked…weird). I’d love to see the Katsu Bubba Kush come back again. The second batch is even better than the first and knocks me out. I still have a little Blueberry from Loud that works well, but I’m almost out. My other sleep exclusive strains are local medical dispensary strains. I generally smoke or vape 1-2 times a night…basically every time I wake up, to go back to sleep. They work!

  • If I was to pick 2 it would be a split of Layer cake / Vanilla Frosting from Merl. Never had vanilla frosting but it sounds good and strong. Layer Cake I had from Mama last year and it was just listed as indoor and it hit me pretty hard.

  • @TheProfessor I just got a dry herb vape couple weeks ago. I find it interesting that the effects change depending how you consume it. I’d love to find a straight blueberry on the menu soon! So have you tried the current Ice Cream Cake on the menu, or you had an older batch?
    Appreciate your response!

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    I really enjoy vaping, but still smoke a lot @PolkHighStar. I’ve only seen Blueberry on the menu here once…Loud had it earlier this year. Fortunately, it comes around my local med. dispensaries a couple times a year. I finished up some older ICC from the board a couple weeks ago, but currently have some local 29% ICC. It’s great, but doesn’t make me sleepy like the 16% dispensary Blueberry.😴😎🧐

  • @PolkHighStar

    I'd try the GMO in addition to the Hindu Kush. Watch for the Katsu like @TheProfessor said previously. Also, I do find Jager to be sleepy inducing.

    If you can splurge a little, Loud's Do-Si-Dos is another that always puts me to sleep.

    I know you really don't want to go Loud's route, but really he has the best sleepy strains right now.

    I hope this was somewhat helpful lol 💚

  • Layer cake is good but IME not a sleeper

  • You gotta take it up a notch for the KO.
    Slurricane crumble (merlin) on top of GMO, Ice Cream Cake, Punch Breath flower (loud).

  • Ice cream cake and premium wedding cake pass my @$$ out 😂🥴

  • I wound up ordering GMO Cookies, but now it’s off the menu so hopefully I get it.

  • The Katsu Bubba Kush is back! @MigraineWarrior79 @PolkHighStar It's one of the sleepiest strains I've gotten here. The last two zips were both excellent! I'm still nursing almost 3/4 of my last ounce, but I grabbed another😁, along with some Sherbet Cake (Sunset favorite, of which I just ran out)!😎🧐

  • @TheProfessor sweet! I just ordered some! Along with some more of that delightful Horchata!

  • @baggy, both excellent choices IMHO...that Horchata is indeed delightful!😎🧐

  • 👀 🤔 To spend more money or not, I'd the question 😂

  • @TheProfessor whats your opinion on the outdoor Hindu Kush? (Did you try?)

  • @baggy I’ve had great results with Hindu Kush from here in the past, but I did not indulge in this last batch. My wife isn’t a big fan of HK…says it tastes like dirt.🤣🧐

  • Isn’t it always @MigraineWarrior79?🤣🧐

  • Just tried the HK. It doesn’t look, smell, or taste as nice (to me) as Jager, but it is pretty effective. So I’m not complaining. I suppose I favor the Jager slightly, but they’re both good.

  • My go to recently has been the Kushberry from CC (last 4 orders). It’s very consistent, smooth, tasty, relaxing smoke. This next order I’m going to switch up to another of their indicas just to try something new. I like the consistent and quality supply from CC and their shipping is lightening fast for me in the Houston Texas area.

  • Ordered a 2 zip split of Katsu BK and Sherbet Cake Monday night and it’s out for delivery today. I hope the Sherbet makes it. I’m out! It popped up on the menu Monday, we ordered, and the next morning it wasn’t on the menu. Don’t see that often. We’ll see what’s in the package when gets here this afternoon! Thanks Medicineman and MMM!

  • Pink certz#1 is very nice for sleeping aid. A few hits gets you very high, a whole bowl will knock you off your feet and flat on your ass.

  • I'm eyeing that hot rod. A ride to sleepy town sounds nice.

  • Anyone tried Platinum Kush from Loud? The description says: "This luxurious strain is known to be one of the heaviest indica strains on the market" @TheProfessor @MigraineWarrior79

  • @baggy I don't see it... Only platinum kush from merlin. But I'm curious about this strain too.

  • @Mr4Sher Ahh, thanks for the correction. Yes, it's from Merlin. Hope someone has tried it and has feedback :)

  • Haven’t tried this batch @baggy, but Platinum is a staple of mine. It shows up just often enough at my local med. dispensaries that I always have some. It’s one of my best/favorite sleep strains! It’s always been between 20-23% here, but just plain knocks me out!😴🧐

  • @baggy

    I can't speak to this particular batch, but I've had it from another source, and it definitely knocked me out! It was labeled as Platinum OG, however, it had the same parentage.
    I do have plans to grab some of this batch as soon as my pay day hits! 💚

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