Are there any cannabis buys better than Michigan, lately?

Lately, I have been making frequent forays from Ohio to Michigan. Anyone else?

On my last trip to Michigan (I crossed the border to Morenci and then on to Adrian, MI), I bought 7.5 ounces in total for $750, including all rec taxes (and regular tax for med purchases). Two of these were garbage shake purchases (e.g., Thin Mint by Rude Boi, 29.6% THC, $70/ounce, ugly as hell but a good smoke) but others were quite decent-looking, mid-shelf heavy-hitters for $100/oz (Black Ice, Return to MAC, Meat Breath, Blueberry X C99, Hella Jelly). I found an absolutely gorgeous $100 ounce of Granddaddy Banana (Pinnacle cannabis, 25% THC). It's now standard in several places to have at least one ounce of medical bulk herb for $100/oz. Rec users will pay more like $125-$145 for the cheapest ounces. But that's without much effort. My favorite rec ounces lately from a previous trip were $75 apiece (Titty Sprinkles, 12% THC...and my favorite thing to smoke during the day lately).

Anyway, that was last weekend...but it's been getting better over time, not worse. Except for the growers. I do feel bad for them. They must be selling their wares for barely, what, $1000/lb.???




  • Wow worth the drive for those prices!! Nice to see u back in the forum @georgetirebiter.

  • Me and my hubby do this from MN to Chicago a couple times this past year. I got the best weed and vape cartridges there. It’s just way more expensive than the site. But the quality is worth it!

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    It's crazy how much I've bought online and never once from a dispensary. NC is considering a bill legalizing cannabis if in hospice care, which I'm sure has to be administered by a doctor or nurse. Something to look forward to. lol

    Then again, it probably won't pass.

  • I stocked up on edibles when I was in Michigan earlier this year also found some northern lights flower considering another trip and just from looking a little bit it seemed like there were places in bay city that had some pretty good deals

  • I like for the weed to come to me.

  • @georgetirebiter Same pricing, actually even a bit lower in some cases, in Oregon I hear. I’m really not comfortable crossing the border with near a half elbow, but dang it if those prices aren’t tempting me to take a 2-3 hour drive this spring just for a taste. Does Michigan have a max purchase limit per day?

  • I think when I was there you could get two and half ounces per day from dispensary but I bought enough edibles to equal the two and half then went down the block and got some flower from a different dispensary

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