Hey guys what kind of dabbing rig are y'all using electronic or what? I've been using the Lookah seahorse pro in them having trouble with it on some shatter I got from Merlin it's good stuff it's just kind of peanut buttery I'd say and my Lookah seahorse is struggling here to get good hits


  • I use a 6" dab rig and quartz banger. With ruby terp pearls and spinner carb cap. They say with dab rigs the smaller the better...

  • Utillian 5

  • Good old nectar collector

  • Ditto on the collector. I have a glass nectar straw and an electronic straw. The glass rigs can be bought really cheap direct from overseas if the need isn’t immediate. The real me I got a few years ago is really nice. The electronic terp pen clogs often but is fine if you’re not lazy to maintain. No fire needed 😉

  • Yea I also use Lookah seahorse pro but shatter I put into my mj arsenal rig

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