Screw Coinbase!!

Man, I just bought some BTC for an order recently and Coinbase says it will take a week to get my funds! Before it was instant!

Don't know what the fuck happened with Coinbase but now my order is going to be cancelled all because Coinbase sucks!


  • Do you have a validated bank account with Coinbase? If not most likely the reason.

  • I use Coinmama. They charge 5% on a debit card, but the confirmation is very quick. Wells Fargo also adds 5%, but that's banking.

  • @antfuzz hell yea my bank is validated. It used to be instant when I bought BTC. That's why I placed the order first, then bought the BTC. Oh well I'll just wait then.

    @medboy I'll just let the order cancel out then reorder. Sorry man. Really wanted that Rose Gold 😀😀😀😀

  • @greatspirit I pretty sure the order will be ignored if not paid within a certain of time. I would just reorder and get a new wallet address from med.

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    Lol I went to use the BTC machine at the gas station down the street and the fucking thing charged me over $20 in fees!!!

  • @greatspirit yup plus their btc is few percent more expensive before the fees added in but I've had to use when only had cash and didn't want to deposit at bank first so there are some discount codes if you look hard enough

  • I use CashApp. Simple and quick with low fees.

  • I 2nd Cash App
    I'm stupid when it comes to BTC, and this is the SIMPLEST way for this crypto dummy! 😆💚

  • Cash app

  • @greatspirit use cashapp it is way better and simpler. Coinbase is horrid

  • I'm still using Coinbase Pro, but haven't put any usd in it lately. I was mining ETH and converted half of it to BTC for the 4/20 sale so I'm ready to go. Coinbase Pro fees are way less than Coinbase.

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