ICE Cream Cake 🌙 Rocks

Remind you I am a heavy smoker as in taking large size dabs in one sitting. But I’m so amazed about the moon rocks. I high is almost in stand with a rush of ephoria like I’ve never had off of weed! I’ve gotten so much done around the house and it just keeps picking your up the more you smoke. Out of a ten star rating I would give these a solid ten just cause of how you can tell they were simply well made with ❤️. I advise everyone to try these and lmk what you think I’m going to have to try and get some purple punch ones soon to try but great job @MerlinsMagic for real I really appreciate all you do for us!


  • Sweet! Definitely going to have give some a try!

  • Agree. I’ve been puffing Merlin’s ICC all evening. Their Layer Cake is amazing too.

  • To put it simple...they are amazing.

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    I tried Merlin's Premium Moon Rocks with Ice Cream Cake for the first time this week.

    I was skeptical about trying these. From the description, they reminded me of the Caviar Joints from Loud. I had a less than an enjoyable experience with those, but they did pack a punch; what with all the distillate and keif they contain.

    These moon rocks are totally different. And I love them. The description is spot on: "Expect heavy hitting medical grade indica effects". This was a 2 hitter for me. It reminded me of smoking hash back in the day. 2 hits, and I was in that "time to crank up Pink Floyd on the headphones" mood. The buzz is both relaxing and long lasting. But I did not get couch locked. That was a nice surprise for me. Indicas tend to lock me down too much.

    Don't operate heavy machinery while enjoying the moon rocks, but I recommend everyone to try these things. From a sativa lover, these are what you need if you want to slow down for a while.

  • <3 And this is why they're premium... enjoy my friends

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    I got high just from reading this

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