Merlin's Greenhouse King Sherbet

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Merlin honored my split of greenhouse King Sherbet and Big Block OG and threw in a freebie indica J (Slurricane) as requested! The King Sherbet has that typical greenhouse bag appeal: great Sherbet aroma, a wide range of bud sizes, but a bit shaggy and leafy...not a great trim job. I think the menu said "fluffy."😁 It's also a little dry, but a Boveda will take care of that. The effects are on point for a sherbet cross and strong.πŸ‘ It's very calming and relaxing both mentally and physically, but still leaves me very functional...we're cooking dinner! Also, my hands have stopped hurting (arthritis).πŸ™‚ I feel great! I've got the Big Block put away with a Boveda as well and will try it later. I think it's going to be a bit heavier.πŸ˜‰ The Big Block buds are larger and denser with a pretty decent trim. It doesn't look like greenhouse!😎 I'm hoping the effects reflect how good it looks and smells! I'm excited (and stoned). Overall, excellent medicine at a great greenhouse price!😎🧐 Great buy @MerlinsMagic...and as always, thanks Medicineman!


  • Thank you @TheProfessor ,I always look forward to your reviews.

  • Always appreciate the reviews sir!

  • Good review. Was wondering about that King πŸ‘πŸΌ

  • Awesome review! @TheProfessor keeping an eye on that one.

  • Thank you gentlemen! πŸ™‚ πŸ™ As for the Big Block OG, it’s another winner! It’s a much heavier strain. I’ve always been a Mopar small block guy (gear head joke)😁 but this Big Block might make me a believer.🀀. It’s a great evening strain for sinking into the couch to watch a movie or winding down and getting ready for bed. Others may find BB really sedating.😴 I’m so impressed with these two greenhouse strains that even though I was hoping to see some new premium or indoor strains for 4/20, I may jump on some of that Biscotti and more KS or BB, or maybe some of that Platinum just to save some cash!😎🧐

  • My last order I picked the Biscotti, was eyeballing the Big Block, will snag some if it's still there tomorrow for the sale. The Biscotti was good, nice high and seemed to be pretty potent. Thanks for the review on the BBOG!

  • @philabol barring any new strains on the menu by tomorrow, I’ll probably order a split of the Biscotti and more Big Block.😎🧐

  • I have a spilt zip KS, and BBOG on the way that I ordered Sunday. I have my fingers crossed it comes tomorrow because I'm totally out aside from two vapes. 😫
    Loud's MDMA still hasn't arrived, but that's not unusual.

  • @MigraineWarrior79 I hope you get your package tomorrow. I’m sure you’ll enjoy both! Even found a few beans in the KS! Bonus beans!😁😎🧐

  • I am so bad about going through buds for seeds. I just put a bud right in the grinder and then I know I'm smoking one when it's too harsh.

  • Anymore they’re pretty rare @Sixwaychili …not like HS and college in the β€˜70s when we had to clean pot on my fold open album covers.🀣

  • Oh hell yeah @TheProfessor. Of course, I didn't even have to break buds apart back then because it was all shake anyway.

  • Half a bag of shake, half a bag of seeds and stems!😳🀣.

  • I got some of those seeds to grow, but they must have all been male because no buds.

  • KS and BBOG out for delivery today! πŸ‘

  • I’m sure you’ll enjoy them @MigraineWarrior79! I find the KS to be a great wake-n-bake, while the BBOG is movie watching couch locker!😊😎🧐

  • @TheProfessor

    Holy moly, man! They stunk up my living room, haha! As I was putting away KS, I had a bonus seed in the bottom of the bag. 😁

    Based on your review, I've tried the KS and I agree it's a great wake n bake.

    I'll try Big Block OG later on when I want to chill out, and watch some TV. 😍

    Thanks so much for reviewing them!

  • Good to hear @MigraineWarrior79!😊. I think you’ll find a few more beans in the KS! I’m looking forward to your thoughts on the Big Block!😎🧐

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