California fires

Just watched on the news that they may be cutting power again to around 500 million customers in California due to the fires that may or may not affect us from placing orders like this last time? Prayers go out to Everyone affected by these fires.


  • Pretty crazy but your math is a little off perhaps? There are under 400MM people living in all of the the USA.

  • Yeah it was 500,000. Opps

  • I would expect that this is going to cause indoor strains to go up in price/scarcity... I can't imagine running a full grow operation off a generator... not unless you have a seriously small operation or a seriously large budget for fuel.

  • DaCabbie, you're probably right. But outdoor operations also need power right about now, during harvest time. The crews work overtime so they need lights to see at night, they need fans and dehumidifiers, etc. I hope the fires are contained!

  • How are the suppliers doing? Are orders going out on time or are they been delayed ?? Was thinking of placeing an order. watching the news the fires look absolutely terrible.

  • Everything is going out promptly for now!

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    Will you be adding any new trees from either Shipper this week?

  • I just added some for Loud n Co yesterday!

  • I saw that thanks.

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