Transdermal Patches / Transdermal Gel Pen

Just a small request, I have seen previously on the menu, THC lube but I have never seen any Transdermal THC Patches / Transdermal THC Gel Pen. It would be nice for a couple more non combustible items, I live in an area with high pollen and I am currently unable to smoke, vape or do anything involving my throat and lungs.


  • Have you considered a tincture? There is one on the menu. I'm about to start making my own with cannabis from this site.

  • It's just DMSO and Distillate, right? I'd throw in some arnica and CBD too for pain or tailor it to your preference. Also some moisturizer like cocoa butter.

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    You can also just eat the distillate. But be careful! :smiley:

  • Getting more tincture tomorrow.
    I could make some butter or coconut oil with the ends of bags, but couldn't guarantee quality... interested?

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