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Just saw this addition to CCs menu. Been waiting for a reason to order more GSC 😎. Loud had Alien OG a few yrs ago and they’re still in my top prettiest buds from this site. Haven’t seen it return until now 🤞🏼.


  • How is this one? Anyone try yet?

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    Received my CC order today as well. Fast shipping as anticipated! This is my second flower order from CC. I wish they had someone to interact with on here like Loud or Merlin. First off no complaints but more suggestions if anything. I’m not a huge fan of vacuum seal. With that said at the min could we get the buds in a baggie within the vac seal? When I cut the vac seal bag I didn’t realize they weren’t in another baggie and buds went everywhere lol 😂. Third world problems right? I can tell these nugs were beautiful prior to the seal, but bag appeal means a lot to me. Harder to grind when it’s so compact.

    Outside of that I’m very happy with the quality of both Alien OG and GSC I received. My biggest compliment is the big thx for the additional grams. Ordered a 1/2 and received 10-12 gs of each. If that’s the compensation for what I said prior then please disregard 😎.

    Alien OG


  • Beautiful pics! Appreciate it!

  • Hey np! @ChunksEggo8187 hope your doing well.

  • Hey bro! All is well, just been working long hours. Hope you & the fam are doing well too.

    I too have that suggestion. Especially with the premium CC has up (Grandaddy Purp). Just a simple sandwich baggie would do.
    But hey, CC always throws in extra so I guess it'll do.

  • More plastic please.

  • I will shoot an email over to CC and send over your comments about the extra bag.

  • Can we pay for them to be vac sealed with a boveda 58/62?

  • Appreciate it!@medboy

  • Yes that would be nice a bag and boveda from all shippers

  • Love CC's GSC!

    I agree about the vacuum seal. It's not that there's an extra bag for me, it's that they put in the food saver for way too long, sucking all the air out and compressing the crap out of it. When I use a Food Saver for cannabis, I hit the seal button almost immediately after the initial air suck so it doesn't compress for 10 seconds.

  • Medboy will take care of it .

  • When cc first came on board what I recd was in 2 separate bags and the buds was not compressed

  • I don't think its every order just a couple of shippers from cc doesn't use 2 bags

  • @superman38NC
    How is the cc og what type high does it have . Does it lean more sativa are indica. And the buds are they dry are hopefully sticky. And what is the nose like . Thanks for any reply am just a little picky with my medicine

  • Hi @Tac I'm picky myself so completely understand. This batch of alien OG has a nice balance to it. Gives a little sativa kick initially but leaves you feeling relaxed. Even though the buds were vac sealed I wouldn’t say they’re sticky. Slightly on the drier side, but have mine chilling with boveda. The orange hairs with lime green buds are beautiful imo. Grinds nice with a smooth smoke. I’d give it 8/10.

  • CC is trying something else based on feedback. Appreciate the suggestion!

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    Thx! @medboy ❤️ this site. Appreciate the follow up and listening to our feedback 👊🏼

    @Tac with all the 👽 talk I made that my wake n bake 😎. Little tingly behind the eyes but ready to get stuff done. The taste and burn is clean. If your looking for a 50/50 blend more on the indica side then Gellatti is a great choice.

  • @superman38NC thanks for info .

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