Concentrate’s for dabbing..

Hello What’s some good concentrate’s that will pick you up, maybe something that will help with being more social?


  • Grape gas and wookies on the way ill let you know between those 2 otherwise any sativa dominate strain is good for social. Very hard to get sativa concentrate here tho

  • I ordered Wookies and received pancakes as a substitute and it was pretty good but yes please let me know what you think about the Wookies and the grape gas after you try it..

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    @Marc_Emery Yes please let me know what you think about Zookies and grape gas..😊

  • @harleygirl_100 hey the grape gas is fire I love it such a nice happy mood lifter high and great flavor. Wookies was ok but nothing special imo

  • @MerlinsMagic thank you Merlin you are a man of your word and came through with the gas concentrate. A nice change from all the cookies and cake strains!

  • @Marc_Emery doing my best with the gas... everyone is growing and on the fruit train right now.

  • Refrigerate it for a few min. I tried some heavy rso a while back and took to much. I was on another planet. I believe rso is more full spectrum than bho/wax. I'm on the hunt now for live rosin.

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    Anymore concentrates on the way?

    I don't mind sugar wax at all. 💚

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    Hey @MigraineWarrior79 nor do I. I had four grams of Biscotti wax waiting for go's wonderfully with the Biscotti diamonds I got from Merlin's magical mob😘 The words discount concentrates usually scares me away. But this time I was pleasantly surprised. Great stuff thanks @MerlinsMagic a sweet treat for any time of day

  • @MigraineWarrior79 something like this will definitely raise your quality of life. And if you want a life changing experience press some bubble hash 🌋🎢🚀🌛🌝🌜


    I'm throughly enjoying the discounted Apple Fritter Sugar Wax, & Wookies. I think they discounted it to move it, imo. 😉 Which is fine by me, I'll buy it up at that price. 🤣 I wanted to get my hands on the Biscotti wax, myself, but it went before I could. ☹💚


    Not a bad price! I just may have to invest in that pretty soon!
    I've been looking into try to make my own bubble hash using the dry ice method.

  • Yeees pressed bubble hash= live rosin. Quite the process. I would value that higher than diamonds

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    Runtz crumble (super terpy pungent)
    and White Truffle sugar incoming!

    It seemed like people like the grape gas a lot so I'll try to get more. I put them on discount so people could see that not all wax needs to be light cream color to be awesome.

    Seems like people were into that whole manufacturer so I will order again.

  • @MerlinsMagic

    Super terpy pungent, you say?! Sold! 😆

    Thanks so much for going above and beyond for your customers. It means so much. 💚

  • The Runtz Crumble and White Truffle Sugar Wax are officially up!

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    @medboy Im going to try the Runtz Crumble, It sounds so good. Thank you 😊

  • @MerlinsMagic Thank you 😊 I can’t wait try out the Runts crumble & White Truffle wax that I just ordered. 😋I love daytime strains that don’t make my anxiety worse.🫠

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