Reviews of cookies n cream or motor breath?

Just curious if anyone tried either these current strains or previously from different source? Both sounded and looked nice but haven't tried either that I recall


  • @Vapedad78 I’ve enjoyed them both in the past, but not from here…med. dispensary products. The effects of both are similar…relaxing, calming, euphoria, and for some, sleepiness. The Cookies and Cream smells and tastes great with hints of vanilla and a little nutty. Motorbreath is more like it sounds…gassy and hints of fuel. Both are indica dominant hybrids that are great evening smokes! They’re both strains I’ll be getting again.🙂😎🧐

  • @TheProfessor while I do like a good hybrid or sat leaner my preference and needs or more towards indie types and love my gas but also like to mix taste and effects up to try keep tolerance to any 1 particular strain or concentrate to a min if possible. Good looking out , always a pleasure interacting with fellow connoisseurs and site vets here really appreciate the info and feedback

  • I’m limited to indicas and indica leaning hybrids. But like you, @Vapedad78, I like to have a variety of tastes and effects as it does seem to keep strains “ fresh.”

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    I’ve had Motorbreathe from Mama right before she retired @Vapedad78. I imagine @MerlinsMagic is 🔥 it looks amazing! My experience it it hits initially like an indica but leaves you with energy. Not a right before bed strain. Has a piney ChemDawg taste.

  • Awesome @superman38NC and @TheProfessor really appreciate yalls input being site vets and knowledgeable as yall are sounds like a winner in my books was hoping would be a day early today but it'll show I'm sure it always does and all this is why gotta love this community and team

  • @Vapedad78 I hope they show today for you. I think you’ll enjoy them both!😎🧐

  • I also have had Mama's motor breath and it's a favorite. I am intrigued to hear about cookies and cream.

  • Was supposed to been here by this evening but deliveries came and went but left me nothing unfortunately so hopefully tomorrow fingers crossed appreciate the assist tho @TheProfessor and yes you and me both for the CnC @MikeyC and appreciate the input

  • @MikeyC @superman38NC Merlin's has the same suppliers as MAMA did, so I imagine it is the same.

  • Mission successful we have touched down. Both look and smell nice and everything correct and included layer cake j which is much appreciated it just looks like the motor breath is popcorn but least no big branches or unnecessary weight just nice quality medicine and again appreciate all gmr help site team included

  • How are the effects? I got lucky and found a pristine seed today in the motor breath just as I found friend who grows. Hoping female...

  • Really enjoying both of em honestly haven't gotten to try completely clear headed and 1 at a time but the MB seems little more couch lock than the CnC but both are really tasty in their own way and pleased so far I'll try and give Better review soon

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