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Hello all! I'm and recently new to the vape game (giving the old lungs a little break from flower) and recently purchased a few vape carts on here. I was thinking about trying the refills next and was wondering if it is fairly easy to use when refilling carts? Would love some input from those who have tried the refills. Thanks a bunch!


  • It’s very easy. Warm up the refill with a blow dryer a couple seconds, you will see the bubble moving freely, up and down, and pour it into the cart, trying to keep it towards the middle. Are the carts I use.

  • Thanks so much for the info @Rubygirl816 ! Thank you as well @MerlinsMagic , Just placed an order with you for your refills. Can't wait to try it out! Take care yall 🙂

  • @MikeyC which gauge size you use?

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    I'm not sure- lmc

    I bought a kit for 8 dollars that had gauge sizes 14-25. I prefer to use a hairdryer and use thin enough to fit in to a pckt ceramic cart (between the middle and side). Hope that helps.

    There's a learning curve of putting the tip onto the vape refill syringe and heating the syringe and tip and even the cartridge itself using a blowdryer. Re-read that after the first 2 times you do it and it will make sense.

  • @Rubygirl816 thank you so much for sharing PCKT vapor brand! Off your recommendation I went and bought a few of theirs to try. Hands down best cart I ever hit. Incredible design. And I’ve already refilled it 3 times and still the flavor is like it was the first hit. I used to but cartridges here and refill those…which was very hard sometimes. And some of the carts would not seal back after being opened and closed more than once. Just shows the quality difference with PCKT. Now all I need to do is buy the refill syringes. Which are way cheaper on here than the cartridges. Cheers and thanks again!

  • @TheMad710Chemist so happy I helped. You will know, when they start to get funny too, after refilling certain amount of times. But they are great those carts for sure. Very welcome.

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    I love the PCKT carts too. And my PCKT Two vape!

    I haven't used a hair dryer to fill. I put the syringe in a jar of hot water to heat it up and it comes out fine.

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