Merlin’s Midsummer Sale

Happy Summer to you all!

On this magical longest day of the year I’d like to offer a sale!

We with Merlin are celebrating life, love and liberty and invite you to join us with 10% off today through Friday (6/21-6/23)

Hope you can join us to get summer moving 🙏❤️🔥


  • Great! Ordered yesterday and missed this sale. Oh well.

  • Thanks so much @MerlinsMagic!!!! Is there a discount code to use or will it be taken off automatically?


  • The 10% off is calculated automatically, no discount code needed!

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    @medboy @MerlinsMagic I just ordered runtz and white truffle wax. I wish I could have gotten in on the sale..🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Oh is this just for flower? I’m a concentrate guy.

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  • Thanks @MerlinsMagic I’m always up for a midsummer’s cannabis sale! Picked up a couple more zips of your outdoor! Always a great value! 😎🧐.

  • Nice!! Thanks @MerlinsMagic 👍🏼

  • Big thx as well! @MerlinsMagic went for ice pops and more outdoor. Appreciate the selection!

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    @MerlinsMagic Unrelated to the sale, but do you know if you’ll have any more shrooms available again soon? I was about to order but had an issue and it looks like y’all ran out in the meantime. Thanks!

  • Sale has officially ended.

  • I have legit FOMO on the dosi dosi, but this inflation has wiped out my discretionary spending ☹️

  • Thank you to everyone who participated in the sales the past couple of weeks and showed some love to our amazing vendors!

  • @TreesPlz

    I definitely feel you on the cash flow with all this inflation.
    My usual 'extra money' is now going to the AC, and gas this summer.

    Right now the temp is 97 with an heat index of 112. 🤮

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    @MigraineWarrior79 Don't forget the 95% humidity you'll anger the weather gods.!⚡🌩⚡🌀⚡😳

  • Thanks again @MerlinsMagic! Ordered Tuesday night, delivered before noon today. Received my Dosi Dosi / Hot Rod split as requested and I appreciate the freebie gummy. The Dosi Dosi is our second round, but this is our first time with Hot Rod. I’ll wait until this evening to give it a drive based on reviews.😉. Both bags looked great for outdoor…some nice size buds and no shake. The Hot Rod is really dry, but nothing a few days with a Boveda won’t cure! Thanks again!😎🧐

  • Great choices! @TheProfessor the Dosi is really good. I tried the Hot Rod when it 1st hit the menu and I agree very dry. The smoke is decent..kinda chokes me up though. Enjoy the pine flavors..or at least that's what I remember 😎

  • The Candyland is 🔥 paranoia but it packs a punch. Smells amazing and burns smooth. Also the peanut butter soufflé is my new fav indica! Very strong and enjoyable..takes a while but it gradually knocks me out. Tastes like peanut butter! Good stuff

  • @superman38NC @TheProfessor agreed on all points. I picked up dosi dosi premium Runtz and premium gushers and premium MAC 1 . The MAC 1 is good but it's not quite as good as @LoudnCo premium...uummmm high test MAC1 😋 I haven't broken into the Runtz or gushers but I have high hopes 🙃. I have been doing like a dab maybe two or three times a day..that dose the job. So I would be amiss not to give a shout out to @MerlinsMagic come through when the cupboard was bare. I done me a nice sized dab or the sugar wax and I was saying things like done instead of did😉🙂🙃. Thanks @MerlinsMagic thanks for stepping up at the time when we all needed it most....tank of gas . PS I'm awaiting a order from each shipper both due before the 2nd.

  • Yep @superman38NC @MNTDWLER ! You’ve nailed the Hot Rod @superman38NC! It’s not near as dry now, but it’s still a harsher smoke with a noted hint of pine, although we enjoy the heavy, if not creeping effects. Still love the way that Dosi smacks me in the face every time, yet never makes me tired.😎🧐

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    I ❤️ a great MAC @MNTDWLER I have some prem MAC1 wax I hit every now and then. Flower is always my fav. What Loud had up looked 🔥 @TheProfessor just finished what Dosi I had left 🙁. Really appreciate the outdoor lately. Croptober is right around the corner 👏🏻

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    @superman38NC I would like to try the Mac 1 wax and Jack herer wax. I would love to get them in the carts too..😍 I haven’t seen any of those on@MerlinsMagic menu since I have been here but I would love to try them out. I’m smoking on some runtzs wax today💨 It’s some good smoke for smoking in the day time, if you want a little lift up lol 😂 Have a great Fourth of July everyone. 🎇 💥 💨

  • omg yes, the outdoor has been great you can't beat just over 200 oz that's for sure !!!!

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