Any comments on the waxes available?

I like dryish wax crumble when it comes to concentrates. Anyone try any of the few that are on the menu right now? Thx.


  • I'm not a dabber myself but I'll pass this on to Med Mama.

  • Diamonds would be amazing to bring back.

  • she's got them back on the menu when i looked earlier. the pic makes them look different than the inaugural batches, though the description is the same. i still got ~8gs of diamonds in the safe, need something different.

  • Here's what Med Mama says about her waxes:

    Our 2 waxes GSC and Kashmir Kush are kind of in the middle of the dry to waxy scale. They can be a bit crumbly and a bit sticky at the same time.

  • We just got a 6 kinds of crumble in today that our exactly what you were asking for! We got Gelato, Lemon Gelato, Purple Diesel, Blueberry Diesel, Banana Punch, and Sour Patch Kids! I'm going to post them later today with a bunch of new flower too!

  • Sweet! I got my Bitcoin burning a hole in my virtual wallet.

  • Ordered up 2g each of Gelato, Blueberry Diesel, Banana Punch, and Sour Patch Kids. Wax on/wax off 👍

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