Reup on outdoor from Merlin

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Has anyone heard if there is some more outdoor coming I have so loved the choices I hate to see them all gone


  • If it's not on the menu it is just out of stock at the moment. There will be a restock soon!

  • thanks, medboy ordered some indoor to get me thru until a restock

  • Dang the menu is the smallest I've ever seen it tite now

  • @Marc_Emery Well Loud N Co took their summer vacation half of last week and half of this week, so for 3 days last week and 3 days this week Merlin's was the only vendor on the site. They had a lot of orders coming in on those days which took up a lot of their stock. No Worries though! Restocks happen often and Loud N Co is back from vacation.

  • Merlin hit us with some good outdoor the dosi dosi was the bomb

  • Love the Dosi Dosi @cmweems1964 although I still don’t really know what it really is, other than some phenotype or cross of Dosidos. I broke into my second ounce (Merlin’s 10% sale) yesterday. The outdoor strains this year has been very good in general!😎🧐

  • @MerlinsMagic Appreciate the re-up on the outdoor! Ordered an oz of Cherry Pie.

  • Really nice restock @MerlinsMagic! The outdoor rocks! I still have have some Cherry Pie, Dosi Dosi, and Hot Rod from last month. The wife says we can never have too much Cherry Pie, so I'll probably go with my regular 2zip split of Cherry Pie and maybe Zookies this time. It’s been awhile since I’ve had Zookies. FWIW, one of my surprise outdoor strains has been Hot Rod. For us, it’s a great strain for insomnia…puts us to sleep every time, especially when following some Big Block OG.😉😎🧐

  • @TheProfessor yes, I'm digging the HR for sleep

  • More outdoor coming soon! Maybe as soon as Sunday, get ready.

  • Sweet!!! Looking forward to another great split! Love some well grown outdoor!! Thanks for the heads up @MerlinsMagic!

  • Merlin your outdoor is all I smoke now !!!!
    love it!!!!

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    Thanks for enjoying! I'll make another order from the same people as soon as the new outdoors are ready. I hesitate to buy any now because they are from last year and not as fresh. Right now coming in hot are the light Deps, please enjoy <3

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