Jack Herer Vape Refills

So, most of the vape refill orders I've placed this year from Merlin just do not have near the same effect that I used to get from MedMama. Medboy informed me that Merlin's oil products are from the same supplier that MedMama got theirs from, so I'm not sure if its how they are currently processing/extracting the oil or what. This is not criticism, I'm just telling my experience. I see that Merlin has Jack Herer (my favorite) vape refills back in stock, but I am hesitant in buying anymore because I'm afraid that it will be like the others I've purchased this year. Does anyone know if Merlin tests (smokes) any of these vapes to see how potent they are?


  • @Smokeone i don’t know where you’ve heard that but that is completely untrue.

  • @Smokeone I don't buy carts but I know everything else on here is real so.... I seriously doubt they're fake.

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    @countryboy I mostly purchase wax from @MerlinsMagic but I have purchased a couple cart’s before from @LoudnCo I purchased Durban poison and Tangie cart. I didn’t like the Tangie cart it just wasn’t for me but I thought Durban poison was darn good cart.🔥 I want to try the Jack Herer also I like daytime strains the best. I haven’t ever purchased refills on here or refilled a cart. I was hoping Jack Herer would come in a wax. Do you think the carts that I have already that’s empty can be refilled or should I buy some empty carts somewhere to fill?

  • @Rubygirl816 Thank you for the information. 🫠

  • @Rubygirl816 thank you again for sharing this originally. I was going to tag you but I couldn’t remember your name and couldn’t find the thread where you showed it first. Cheers!

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    Has anyone here had good experiences with the Merlin vape refills?

  • @fm_25 i like the refills from MM. I dab them. I wish they were already carted. No to loud carts

  • @KannaMannnn Good to hear. Added bonus that they can be dabbed. Thanks for the feedback!

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    @fm_25 yea I really love the vape refills from Merlin. Paired with the pckt vapor empty cartridge…best vape I’ve ever had. I also dab them like @KannaMannnn

  • @TheMad710Chemist good stuff - thanks for the feedback. I will likely order a few pckt 510 threaded empty carts when they come back in stock.

  • @fm_25 do you use a battery that requires the magnetic adapters? Or do you have to screw your cartridge directly to your battery? If you have to use the adapters, the magnetic cartridges they sell work in those two. They saw they only work with their devices but I have a YoCan UniPro and the pckt magnetic cartridges work with it just fine. They do have the “SPRK Ceramic Cartridge” in 510 threading in stock too though.

  • @TheMad710Chemist I use a battery that requires the cartridge be screwed in (Vessel Compass). I did see the ceramic 510 is in stock but it seemed like the metal would be better in terms of lasting longer/better hits so I may just wait for that to be restocked. I didn't even realize adapters were an option and I will look into that. The insight is much appreciated!

  • I use the ceramic ones and I’ve filled it up three full times so far with no problems at all 👌

  • @Tommyandpolly2021 good to know! Do they hit pretty nicely compared to metal?

  • @Tommyandpolly2021 That sounds like what I'm needing something that will last a few refills.💨 I ordered me a few to try out also of the ceramic carts so hopefully, I'll have good luck with them also.😊

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