Merlins most potent strain currently offered?

I am finalizing an order and would appreciate your feedback on any flower on Merlin's list.


  • Most potent for what?😁. What are you looking for…a strong wake-n-bake, afternoon pickup, afternoon relaxation, couch lock, or sleep? @GrimReaper05, @MerlinsMagic has a lot of potent strains on the menu right now!😎🧐

  • I am looking for uplifting and relief from aches and pains, would like to find a happy strain..@TheProfessor

  • If your up a discount grab the Bacio smalls or the indoor for bigger’s a great all around strain for inducing good vibes. Cherry Pie, Sweet Tooth, or the GH Trop Cookies also great choices!

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    I would have to agree with my friend @superman38NC! Bacio! I'd only add the Wedding Cake, discount or greenhouse, to his otherwise excellent list. As a Cherry Pie x GSC cross I find it great for my arthritis and one of best strains for digestive issues. Great flavors and so uplifting and relaxing, but some find it a little, not so much! 😎🧐

  • I was hearing good things from the Cherry Pie and I like the GSC and Wedding Cake, appreciate the feedback!

  • I don’t remember seeing the premium Gelato #41 a couple days ago, but another Bacio option. @superman38NC did you get in on that 🔥premium Bacio and Sunset Sherbet spring of 2021? I think that before it was gone, I’d done three 2 oz splits. Best Bacio Gelato I’ve ever had. The SS was really good, but I’ve yet to have any to rival the infamous outdoor batch of Sunset Sherbet from a couple years ago. @GrimReaper05 The Cherry Pie here has always been excellent!!😎🧐

  • I def recommend the Outdoor Sunset Sherbet Cake. Honestly, it's classic SS to me, and is a KO everytime I hit it. Tastey, stinky, and sticky icky.

  • If your looking into Premiums, I have been getting GREAT feedback via email on Premium - Gelato 41 and Premium - Caramel Cake.

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    Ahh the amazing Wedding Cake! @TheProfessor were always on the same page with our likes. Got my order of smalls today and didn’t get the Bacio but a full 1/2 of Trop Gelato and I’m happy! Merlins smalls haven’t disappointed yet. Aroma is incredible. @TheProfessor I did get those last spring. I already had a ❤️ for Sunset Sherbert then but Bacio was new to me and straight 🔥🔥.Ordered it multiple times. Not sure why I didn’t get the split but it’s all good.

  • I have a very high tolerance and Peanut Butter Souffle and Ice pops are some of the most potent strains I've had in a long time.

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    The dosi right now and premium fruit loops back last year have been the most potent to me!!
    my girlfriend swears fruit loops makes me loopy

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