No freebies

Placed an order with Merlins didn't get any freebies this time. I'm not complaining just curious if anyone knows why. The Dosi Dosi is really good bud


  • That doesn’t happen often, especially with @MerlinsMagic, they’re usually really good about freebies. And I wholeheartedly agree @Gizmo420, the Dosi Dosi is really good. I think we’re on oz #3…glad it’s been around all summer!😎🧐

  • Sometimes the shippers miss one here and there, nothing against you, not on purpose, it just happens.

  • omg loved the dosi now is the alien fire monkey guys it reminds me of some old-school weed I smoked in the 80's wow love it!!!

  • @Gizmo420 Make a note with your next order and we'll send 2

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