Premium vs. Regular vs. Discount vs. Super Premium?

Good Day everyone! If there is an article here I will gladly read it if someone be as kind to post a link. I am looking for information on the differences between all the different classifications, all these years I just got what I could now it is like shopping for my lady during... well you know right? :) So many choices!


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    @GrimReaper05 The flower menu is incredible right now right?! This is my 2 cents with what your asking. The shippers choose between what’s Premium and Super Premium..I believe it comes down to popularity of the strain and how much they have to pay to acquire it. Also appearance & effects tends to separate these from the rest of the options.

    The discounted strains or smalls are typically a great deal, but occasionally you get a dud. Outdoor & GH are underdogs because where you may lack in potency the effects & aroma may kick a premiums butt. Some of my fav batches has been outdoor and GH.

    Indoor is more expensive than outdoor or GH because it’s typically a controlled environment indoors that cost more to run. Greenhouse well it’s grown in a greenhouse. However apparently some greenhouses have supplemental lighting the end of the day I look at the posted pics and descriptions and try to shop strain specific. Also this forum is a great place for feedback.

  • Yes the menu is great, and your informative explanation is much appreciated.@superman38NC Thanks for taking the time on the super detailed comment.

  • @GrimReaper05 The shelves (GH, Outdoor, Indoor, ect.) are all determined by the environment the bud was grown in. The price points are based off what our vendors pay. They usually try to find good deals on products so they are able to pass that deal onto the customers. The "Smalls" and Discounted buds are usually the odds and ends that are left over at the end of a restock and some are just discounted because there is so little stock left.

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    Thank you all for the information, I made an order today!

  • Topped off my Purple Agave stash with a zip of its discount (aka “smalls”) brethren; i can confidently say the bottom of the box on this strain was every bit as good as the top. $215z was a blessed gift from mmm 🫶

    Also believe the outdoor scores from all vendors over the last couple seasons have been mostly outstanding, nothing finer than expertly grown sun grown nugz!

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    Hey no problem @GrimReaper05 sometimes I tend to be to detailed. I was feeling lifted while writing that 😎

  • @medboy @funkynugz i just received a half zip of discount popcorn smalls zkittles cake and it is terrible. Really dry and smells horrible, like stemmy mids. 😢 disappointing, because the discount smalls layer cake was really good a couple orders back. Guess I should stick to Merlins. I personally like the bottom of the bag! Less prep work!

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    @Southernbellesmoker same here. Smell is great but outside of that I wouldn’t order again. Not knocking Loud, the majority of what I receive is excellent.

  • I haven't tried mine yet. Split with the Durban poison. How is that?

  • @Southernbellesmoker The popcorn buds from @LoudNCo are the odds and ends of what are left over from multiple restocks. Basically the bottom of restocks that accumulate over time. We apologize if it was that bad but it's not meant to be top notch buds.

  • @medboy thanks and it’s not like it will go to waste 😁, just lots of sticks and stems compared to merlins discount smalls!

  • @Southernbellesmoker I ordered the same and completely agree- Merlin's vs. loud's smalls...Merlin's are 🔥

  • Skittles cake popcorn-

    Tropicana Gelato Smalls -

  • The trop looks better the sc definitely smalls but how's the effects and which you prefer @superman38NC ?

  • @Vapedad78 both smoke great..very similar effects but the Trop gets the edge for quality and loud aroma.. I’ve had the SC with a boveda since I received and still very dry. Was a lot of stem and a few hairs in the happens.

  • Yeah twas discounted, I went Northern lights and sherbet cake split if honored fingers crossed hopefully good stuff I do love those 2

  • @Vapedad78

    SSC is straight up classic SS, in my opinion. It's great, but I wouldn't hit it until after dark, lmao
    It had me stupid high, then snoring within no time.

  • @superman38NC @MigraineWarrior79 @Vapedad78 anyone ever order the trim? I was looking at the Mac trim but after the dry stemmy sc smalls last time, I’m not sure what to expect and don’t want to be disappointed! I just don’t want to bother with if it’s going to be a lot of sticks and seeds! @medboy

  • @Southernbellesmoker

    I haven't gotten this particular batch of trim, but I have gotten Loud's trim before, and haven't been disappointed. It's great for jays, blunts, and making bubble hash with!
    If a little dry, store it in a mason jar & Bodeva & that'll help the dryness tremendously. 👌💚💨

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