Outdoor Sweet Tooth & Northern Lights

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Got a split of these excellent outdoor offerings. Both really nice sized buds with perfect cure. Dry enough but when ground it’s not dry but slightly sticky. Sweet Tooth is becoming one of my fav strains..very unique terp profile. Maybe too funky for some..kinda like a sour funky fruit. First time grabbing northern lights and it delivers..had me almost groggy stumbling last night. Also has a great flavor and aromas when smoked. Slept like a rock!




  • Appreciate the review and pics!! And I agree that NL is great! My motor skills are definitely affected 😂 Love the piney spicy aroma too!

  • I'm surprised NL has stayed on the menu this long.

  • As am I @Fallguy! Nothing like some good NL! Great pics and review @superman38NC as usual!! Outdoor consistently is a great buy!!😎🧐

  • Hey NP guys! Appreciate the compliments. Always look forward to your reviews too! So many strains lately it’s hard to keep up. The Tropicana Gelato smalls are really good btw! I’m also surprised NL is still there, lots of competition but it’s a classic that doesn’t come around often. Maybe they purchased lbs! 😎

  • I had only heard of Northern Lights, so decided to try it. It's amazing!! Absolute 🔥 Leaves me dazed and confused. Love it! 👍🏼

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    Have some Sweet Tooth on the way. Their outdoor stuff I have bought never seems to disappoint. (Especially for the price_ :smile: )

  • I must say all the outdoor offerings from MMM this season have been exemplary. At least all the ones I have tried. I have tried Chemdawg, Sweet Tooth, Cherry Pie, Hot Rod, Dosi Dosi, Green Dream#5, Candyland and Alien Fire Monkey. Not a bad strain in the bunch either. All good in their unique way....Love this site.....

  • @bluedreamer i hear a lot of talk about dosi dosi! Is the effects/high described on the site pretty accurate?

  • @Southernbellesmoker I just got a split of Northern Lights and Dosi Dosi. They're both great strains. The dosi is a hard hitter for sure. Probably better for the evening and night. I think I like the NL better but it's close. A lot of customers have praised the Dosi Dosi on here and I see why. Something about the pure indica Northern Lights mixes well with me. I feel like it's the perfect strain for me personally. It helps all the ailments that I medicate for. Dosi is also a very very good strain.

  • Dosi dosi is as described. Its a nice evening indica heavy strain. I think the Northern Lights is the stronger of the two but Dosi dosi works well too.

  • @bluedreamer and @Mr4Sher it was gone when I went to order! Back now though!!

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