Will there be a Black Friday sale this year?

Will there be some type of Black Friday sale like there has been past? Thanks


  • Yes there will, but we don't ever have it on Black Friday. Instead, we'll have a holiday sale as always, watch for an announcement in December.

  • Medboy I see that you posted a 15 percent discount for black Friday, is there still going to be some holiday sales in December ? Just wondering Thank you guys for all you do Jerry.

  • What time on Thursday does the Black Friday code officially kick in? I have my cart loaded and ready to hit submit. Thx.

  • Yea I am bummed ..I had no idea of the sale, can we do anything to let us know a little more in advance...I would of gotten some more or better grade bud ..I just ordered off medicine mama.. a day befor the discount posted ..your faithful customers love to save a buck ..a couple times a year..thanks as always

  • I'm going to turn on the code first thing Thursday morning.

  • I hope the shippers will be 100% caught up and have our current orders out-the-door by this afternoon. Especially orders placed last week.
    Nothing is getting shipped tomorrow (Thanksgiving) and once Medboy activates the discount code, orders are going to be thru the roof.
    Do the shippers ever work overtime, like an occasional Saturday and whatnot to get caught up or ahead of the game?
    Is there the possibility, in the future, for an appropriate fee, to choose "overnight" shipping?
    Happy Thanksgiving MedPeople!

  • Sure hope orders are caught up. Made order Thursday night friday morning. Was hoping it already shipped. But i dont have informed delivery where i am at. Agreed. Once the code activates it will be busy busy for shippers. Last order was on thursday around noon and got it on the monday after the weekend. Was hoping for the same this time. But maybe friday now.

  • The shippers are aware of the coming deluge and are prepared! We don't like to announce too far in advance as we'll have too many days with nothing and then TOO much! No matter when you put it up there will always be folks who ordered right before so it's a tough call.

  • Medman and Medboy is this Black Friday sale the only one or is there another coming in December Thank you Jerry

  • Thanks medicineman ..I understand ,I was just alittle frustrated to miss the sale ..we all appreciate you and medboy...as always thanks

  • Jerry - we will have another holiday sale next month!

  • Took advantage and placed an order! :smile:

  • Thank You MedBoy appreciate the replay, and the info you all are the bomb Jerry

  • Everything will be caught up today and I have extra help for the Holiday Sale.
    I'm looking forward to getting everything back on track, quick and quality.

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