Are the Mushroom Capsules filled with San Pedro powder?

The descriptions are a bit confusing, San Pedro is not a mushroom.


  • I would like to know the same thing.

  • I asked in a&a thread and was told it's 1g mushrooms

  • Safe to assume to means Psilocybin mushrooms?

  • I don't personally like to assume about things I put in my body and would like more information, but it seems that's the best we will get

  • @Syz I'm pretty sure they copy and pasted the wrong description. This is the description from San pedro capsules. Where the mushroom capsules have a gram of mixed strain shrooms. Not san pedro cactus... @medboy will clear it up for you when he sees this, I'm sure. But I don't blame ya on holding off till you know for sure...

  • Sorry about that it just looked like you were asking me if they we 1g capsules. I'll need to get a new description. For now, @MerlinsMagic should be able to answer this!

  • I cleared it up with @MerlinsMagic. It was just an accident.

    San Pedro is a cactus, whose active ingredient is mescaline. That is the San Pedro Powder and San Pedro Capsules.

    Mushrooms are magic, whose active ingredient is psilocybin. Mushroom Powder is what's in the Mushroom Capsules.

    They are never mixed and they use separate machines to fill them.

  • Thanks for relaying that, definitely good to check.

    Another thing that might be confusing is that sometimes you'll get more capsules because we couldn't fit an entire gram in on capsule.

    We make sure you get the total weight correct by taring the caps.

  • Thank you so much @MerlinsMagic and @medboy this just made my day!

  • Nobody actually answered the question. So I will ask it again in a precise way.

    What is in the mushroom capsules?

  • @MikeyC Mushrooms.

    Mushroom Capsules are the mushrooms.
    San Pedro Capsules is San Pedro Powder.

  • Mushroom Capsules out for now, looking for more.

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