Categories of Weeds : Greenhouse

This has been weighing on me that Greenhouse herb actually contains two very different categories of weed. I've asked MedBoy to please shift the website to reflect that.

Differentiating Greenhouse herb:

Deps: Light Deprived

Greenhouse herb, which are light deprived (hence deps) to encourage them to flower earlier than outdoor. These are usually better quality than outdoor, especially when waiting for the new outdoor herb to be produced.

Light Assist: Light Added

Greenhouse herb, which are given extra light to make them more potent! Sometimes these are indistinguishable from indoor weed, yet get the best of both worlds... real sun and real quality. These are a higher price than Deps, and less than Indoor.

That puts the varying levels to our best approximation in the following categories:

Discount Outdoor
Light Assist
Premium Indoor
Ultra/Super Premium

Indoor categories are pretty much grown the same except with varying price and quality, just like outdoor categories.

If I write discount on something, then I usually got an epic deal on something and the quality is a bit like the category underneath it. For example, Discount Deps would still be Deps, but at the outdoor price.

Hope this helps clarity and is useful.



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