I’m interested in ordering some diamonds but have never tried them and not sure even what to do with them...can I put them in my vape pen that I use for shatter/wax? Also a review on the high would be nice...thanks for any response


  • I have some on order right now. I am excited to try them. I think that you probably can put them in your vape pen, depending on the type you have. But personally I think all of the concentrates that are extracted using light hydrocarbons are best ingested with a rig and banger. I will let you know what I think of them when I get them in. Should be soon.

  • I was lucky enough to get some a week ago or so. First of all you may be surprised, 2g is a very tiny container. It looks like small grains of brown sugar, with varying sizes. First I tried some in my original DaVinci in an oil can, sandwiched in between some ground up weed. It was a slow burn, almost 10 minutes, and it made my face tingle. I have a really high tolerance and had already vaped a few times that day, but it got me pretty high. It made my regular bowl so much better, like putting sugar on you Captain Crunch! But it wasn’t ideal way to ingest, so I bought a Yocan Magneto at my local glass shop for $45. It was well worth it, and burns the diamonds very quickly. A medium piece got me about 3 big hits from the pen, and it made my head rattle a bit. (In a good way!). After exhaling it felt like hitting a huge bongload, and kind of reminded me of a Whippet. The high is the good old THC buzz I’m used to, but comes on very strong and fast! Like a shot of espresso, compared to a cup of coffee. But anyway, it got me high as hell, and I enjoyed it very much. I don’t know if this would ever replace regular bud for me, but it’s great to have the option to “supersize” a bowl or a high at any time. Enjoy once you get your hands on it, my shipment from Med Mama came in 3 days, and I’m on the East Coast! Thanks for reading!

  • Thanks for the info guys! I have the yocan elvolve so hopefully I’m good! Ordered 2 grams today and can’t wait for it to get here!!!

  • part_time_liver Thanks for the review! Very detailed! I can't wait to try it! :smile:

  • Left a shortie on these in the reviews thread. These things are freakin’ potent 🤪

  • funkynugs, I tried to order some. They are out and I got subbed but they still haven't removed it from their inventory list on the website...and its been 11 days since I placed my order.

  • Mad710, it may have been the way you ordered them as a sub for a levin resin in the sampler...they may not do that...mine came in and funkynugz you are right...very potent!!! First big hit I got was like part time said...almost felt like hitting a whip it!! I am very impressed with them...wonder what % thc they are???

  • jlpettis. Quite possible. But when I received my order, the package had written on it "2g Diamonds (Black Widow sub if run out)". I don't think they have a problem splitting it up. It was the same price as all of the other live resins too. They even offer Diamonds in the list of strains you can get in the Live Resin Sampler description.

    The THC content is probably very high. It said they were PURE thc crystals with terp sauce. And I know from experience it doesnt take much terps to get a good flavor. They are really potent. So I'm guessing the diamonds were very close to 100%.

    Oh well. In the end, I contemplated buying the Diamonds for too long. And that is how this game works. Medicineman is a godsend to me and I am completely happy as a customer with them. They have always been there for me and have always done right by me. Ive had orders not shown up and they reshipped my order. One time, I even had one that showed as delivered on tracking but never got to my door. Whether it was USPS or a thief, Medicineman STILL offered to work with me and resent half of my order as a compensation. So I have nothing to complain about and everything to commend them for.

    Blessings and good vibes to Medicineman, Medboy, Med Mama, Medicine Love and Loud & Co. all those that work in this amazing operation, especially in this holiday season. I hope that you guys can enjoy some time off and have some fun. You deserve it. I can't wait for my first order of 2019!

  • Thanks for all these reviews! FYI I just turned on our order form again so you can start orders now if you want. But our shippers won't be back to work until 1/2 so no packages will go out until that time.

  • @medboy can you see if the Diamonds are available again? I know the listing for it never left over the holidays but they were out when I ordered because I got subbed. I’d really love to try that concentrate.

  • Diamonds are back, yes!

  • @TheMad710Chemist did you ever get some of these? wondering what you thought. i went ahead and stashed another 8gms a few weeks back, not a huge concentrates fan but diamonds are forever. easy to work with compared to other types and so pretty to look at. its the only stuff i won't share with others 😁

  • All I can say is "love it"!

  • i just got my sample order and will be ordering some diamonds... i was planning on 2g of diamonds and 2g of citrus kush live resin... im wondering tho... all u guys that have tried the diamonds... should i just get 4g of diamonds instead?

  • I’d say mix it up your first time out. Diamonds are damn potent but the live resin will have better overall flavor and possibly smoother, imho. Always nice to have variety on hand too.

  • I will say this... Diamonds are fire but not much terpy. I would go with a mix for taste.

  • I don’t like to smoke and don’t feel it. I like concentration only...vapes are good but dabs are better. These diamonds should do the trick...I wanna be OFF MY ROCKER!

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