Ultra premiums

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Got a bit of Red Bull on the way. Anybody received any of these ultras yet? I’ll drop a pic of it when I get it.


  • None of this batch. I had some "super premium" (Joker) from Loud a few months ago. It was slightly nicer looking than other premiums. But in effect, it was basically a premium. That's just one strain though. And just my take.

    I was looking at Red Bull! Please do let us know how you like it! Then maybe i'll try :)

  • It gives you wiings!

  • Ordered the sherbacio, waiting on that to get in.

  • Also looking forward to trying sherbacio, I was hoping the order would arrive by the end of week but it appears it still has not shipped yet.

  • My order of sherbacio came yesterday! It’s a smooth decent smoke. The nugs are covered in frost almost like they mixed it in keif. What was interesting to me was I ordered 1/2 oz, the nugs are very light so based on weight they fill to the top of my 1/2 oz jar but one nug grinded makes a shit ton! I wonder if that’s what makes it ultra because a little goes a long way. Usually the more dense nugs gets you more when grinded.

  • I felt thirsty so I ordered a split of Mountain Dew and RedBull.

  • Good smoke. Smaller buds but that fine by me. For the extra fifteen bucks I’d continue to buy. https://postimg.cc/sQn76Rhd Redbull

  • Sherbacio is definitely "insta" pretty being purple and covered in frost. Excellent loud ss type scent, great smooth berry/candy flavor. Effects are subjective but for me they're mediocre and short lived, which for a super tasty daytime smoke I can consume repeatedly all day without feeling burnt out. Overall @MerlinsMagic delivers again!

  • Great review @Fallguy. Sherbacio's genetics make it sound like a natural for me, but the effects sound a little disappointing, especially for an ultra premium. It's not that I can't afford it, but I go through enough flower a month (2-3 oz)😁, that unless it something really special here, or at my local med. dispensaries, I try to look for local deals or stick with outdoor. Croptober is just around the corner!! I'm hoping we see a nice outdoor drop from @MerlinsMagic soon!😎🧐

  • Tried the Mountain Dew yesterday and it was fantastic. A spicey, piney taste followed by an immediate head rush and full body relaxation. I sat on the couch trying to watch a movie and get a little work done. I guess I smoked too much ( 1 small cone ) and didn't get either done. This is a strong strain that will get you pretty high and will possibly end your day if you smoke too much. My mind was wandering and I found it hard to do anything much but just listen to ocean sounds on you tube and chill. After about an hour I felt restless and got up and started getting some chores done with the help of some caffeine . I hit a bowl here and there and felt pretty relaxed but not as wasted as after I smoked a joint. This is some ass kick weed. Nice job @MerlinsMagic

  • @Fallguy I feel the same way about the high. Wasn’t impressive really. Their greenhouse strains hit harder than this. Well, you live and learn.

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