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Got a bit of Red Bull on the way. Anybody received any of these ultras yet? I’ll drop a pic of it when I get it.


  • None of this batch. I had some "super premium" (Joker) from Loud a few months ago. It was slightly nicer looking than other premiums. But in effect, it was basically a premium. That's just one strain though. And just my take.

    I was looking at Red Bull! Please do let us know how you like it! Then maybe i'll try :)

  • It gives you wiings!

  • Ordered the sherbacio, waiting on that to get in.

  • Also looking forward to trying sherbacio, I was hoping the order would arrive by the end of week but it appears it still has not shipped yet.

  • My order of sherbacio came yesterday! It’s a smooth decent smoke. The nugs are covered in frost almost like they mixed it in keif. What was interesting to me was I ordered 1/2 oz, the nugs are very light so based on weight they fill to the top of my 1/2 oz jar but one nug grinded makes a shit ton! I wonder if that’s what makes it ultra because a little goes a long way. Usually the more dense nugs gets you more when grinded.

  • I felt thirsty so I ordered a split of Mountain Dew and RedBull.

  • Good smoke. Smaller buds but that fine by me. For the extra fifteen bucks I’d continue to buy. https://postimg.cc/sQn76Rhd Redbull

  • Sherbacio is definitely "insta" pretty being purple and covered in frost. Excellent loud ss type scent, great smooth berry/candy flavor. Effects are subjective but for me they're mediocre and short lived, which for a super tasty daytime smoke I can consume repeatedly all day without feeling burnt out. Overall @MerlinsMagic delivers again!

  • Great review @Fallguy. Sherbacio's genetics make it sound like a natural for me, but the effects sound a little disappointing, especially for an ultra premium. It's not that I can't afford it, but I go through enough flower a month (2-3 oz)😁, that unless it something really special here, or at my local med. dispensaries, I try to look for local deals or stick with outdoor. Croptober is just around the corner!! I'm hoping we see a nice outdoor drop from @MerlinsMagic soon!😎🧐

  • @Fallguy I feel the same way about the high. Wasn’t impressive really. Their greenhouse strains hit harder than this. Well, you live and learn.

  • @MerlinsMagic Im starting to wonder if the sherbacio is actually a premium or just flower dusted in keif. The buds are really light not dense and the effects last very short almost less than an hour. Horchata indoor hits way harder than this and it’s one of my favs from you that and blueberry muffin.

  • Most of the modern polyhybrids give me lackluster effects, but they sure do taste good and look pretty. It appears the sherbacio is hand trimmed (they got in there pretty good) purple and has a "hype" name. That'd be my guess on why its ultra premium. When it comes to medicine I stick with tried and true strains. Northern lights is always a winner and I'm sitting on quite a bit of og kush that is all that and then some.

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    I priced it ultra premium because of the look, taste and price. I must have already been loaded from trying another strain because I felt lit.

    Sherbacio is definietly not dusted additionally, but since it seems a bit lackluster from the comments I'm going to change it to regular premium. @medboy can you help please?

    @rshigh81 @Fallguy Please write in the comments of your next order and get a 10% discount off your next Ultra Premium order. (Don't write any personal info on the forum)

  • Thanks @MerlinsMagic ,stand up as usual.

  • Amazing and a fire drop of products!

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