What a great outdoor drop! Ordered some Sunset Sherbet and Cherry Pie (so predictable).😁. But, I’m seriously considering a second split of some Purple OG Funk and Hindu Kush if they stick around for more than a few days. Really a nice looking menu any way you look at it! Some great strains and some great value!😎🧐


  • This is my first day back in a month or so. Is this the first day it's up? What timing!

    I'm now living in a no-smoking apartment complex and they are kind of strict about it so I've had to change some things up. No more hot boxing my entire house. lol Needless to say, my tolerance has dropped to very low levels which is incredibly nice to be honest. One hit of premium and I'm high as hell. I barely smoke an entire bowl per day anymore.

    I'll probably do 2 outdoor splits because I can't decide. Definitely the Cherry Pie/Sunset Sherbert and probably Dosi Dosi/Green Dream #5.

  • Dropped last night, so excellent timing to be sure @Sixwaychili. Sounds like some good and bad…hard to be discreet in an apartment complex, but I’d love to drop my tolerance a little. It’s not too bad (I try to stay away from concentrates) but I do smoke a lot. One bowl a day…🤣…not.
    Some excellent choices😎. I still have about a 1/4 of the last go round of Dosi Dosi…good stuff!

  • I picked up a Smoke Trap which works surprisingly well. Though it does not stop my bowl from giving off residual smoke before I can top it with my lighter.

  • I’ve used a Smokebuddy with good results, but have the same problem with residual smoke. Fortunately, I don’t have to worry about it at home!😎🧐

  • 3 hits on a Dynavap B or 5 on the M and I'm very satisfied. Taking in all those terpenes and flavors with conduction not combustion. I'm amazed how little flower I use with that little device. Try stopping the smoke from a bowl cover it somehow and then exhale into I prefer Smoke Buddy.

  • And don't forget the Ozium!

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    I also use a smoke mitigation device (smoke buddy) which works great! The good thing about it is its portable and doesn't take up much room.

    I also invested in a sneak-a-toke, one of the originals. Aside from a small amount of smoke coming from the hit, it keeps the smell down to a minimum. ( ) I also got a couple inserts to make cleaning and swapping out bowls faster.

    @TreesPlz - Ozium is a must have!

  • Wow what a menu right now! Great post @TheProfessor i’m curious if most is a reload from prior or different batches/growers. I’m gonna hang tight for the GP 😎

  • We’ll find out next week @superman38NC!😎. I might have to check out that GP! I “almost” picked up some Dungeon Family at the dispensary this morning. I was (still am) intrigued as it’s a cross of GP and Horchata. I ended up going with some 28% Jealousy instead. 😁😎🧐

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    I’m hoping I don’t miss the GP! You should definitely pick up some if you can..I’m hoping it’s the same batch/grower.
    Dungeon Family sounds very intriguing 🧐..raw genetics is the breeder of GP..They have several really good crosses with it. I’m also really liking the Jealousy deps greenhouse..I bet the ultra prem is 🔥

  • Looks like I’m going to try some GP either way @superman38NC…you’ve definitely got me intrigued! Just realized that my preferred dispensary has some Gelatti Kush Mints…aka Georgia Pie 😁. I’ll have to get some of both and compare. 😎🧐

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    The outdoor didn’t last long…didn’t even get my requested split. Got my oz of Sunset Sherbet (cake) but they subbed Dosi Dosi for my Cherry Pie. No biggie, we love the Dosi Dosi…was down to about an 1/8th anyway!😎🧐

  • Alien Fire Monkey is some WONDERFUL 🔥🔥🔥🔥!
    Smoked a bowl outta my new bong, next thing I know it's 5am, and I'm waking up to the tv still on, eyeglasses, lights, & my cat looking at me like, had a nice nap? Lmao
    Get it, it's good!

  • I know that feeling well @MigraineWarrior79. Where am I?! lol 😆

  • @posternugbag

    Where am I; what day is it?!

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