Substitutions and Website Issues

Hey y'all,

Merlin here doing my best to meet your desires for the magical meds.
I've been dealing with an issue where the items I have are disappearing from the site before they are actually gone.
We are attempting to keep everything up while we have it, but it may mean that there will be more substitutions required than before.

That way it's easy for us to get it for you instead of guessing what you might like.

If it's too much a pain in the ... then we'll go back to the other way, but you all at times have been missing over half of my inventory at times which sucks when I take so much effort to get the fire to you.


  • @MerlinsMagic thanks for the update. Will you be adding new concentrates any time soon?

  • I was very appreciative of the oz I received Mr Magic!

  • @MerlinsMagic Thanks, is there a reason why packages are showing still not sent for delivery in usps. I’ve had a preshipment label showing since 10/3 with no activity but I placed my order last weekend.

  • @rshigh81 shoot me an email or use the contact form on the site, I'd like to look up your order and make sure it went through. Assuming it did, I can get tracking from Merlin. -MB

  • @medboy awesome just sent you an email

  • Well, I received someone else’s order of a couple purple urkle syringes but I ordered premium flower peanut butter soufflé. I don’t vape so this sucks ass. Emailed Medboy so hoping he will make it right.

  • @Jaybird922 Dang... we will make it right. In the meantime, you can add a bit of the distillate on top of any bud you have for a blast off experience. Even other herbs like damiana or schwag will have liftoff with this on top.

  • Yeah, I love an oops, distillate mistake order. I don't vape much either, but I like making edibles or topping a bowl with it.

  • I placed an order Sunday night for some Apples and Bananas from Loud, and JellySea from Merlin. Surprisingly got a label from Loud the next day, but as of Thursday morning I haven't seen a label from Merlin. That is unusual for the one who is normally the quickest. So fingers crossed it didn't get missed.

  • @OzBaxter that stinks but review of the 🍎 and 🍌 please and thank you was very intrigued but finances didn't afford me being intrigued atm lol

  • @Vapedad78 Yeah it's been four days and I don't see a label from @MerlinsMagic yet. Again, highly unusual. While Loud is already set to deliver the 24th, the Merlin label hasn't even shown.

    As for Apples & Bananas, I had a bud of it from thr Bud Sample pack, to see if it were worth the Premium status. Short-answer: Hell yes! I was in the middle of trying different buds, and this one called the ball and stopped the whole process. Found I was in imagination land, fixated on what I was watching, and realized I'd been holding the next fresh packed bowl for about 20 mins without hitting it. A&B is🔥! I ordered more and it immediately disappeared from the menu. So don't know what is coming. REALLY hope I got the last of it, since writing "No Subs" has absolutely no effect and I will probably get one of the other premiums instead. Meh. But either way, A&B worth your time if it comes back 👍🏼

  • Maaaan sounds awesome it was calling my name but without reference had hard time pulling trigger unfortunately but I'll definitely keep an eye out now appreciate it

  • @OzBaxter i agree on that A&B! Pleasant surprise! Shit hits hard! Wish I bought more

  • @medboy Thanks! I'm good brother, it came yesterday and never once showed up on ID. 👍🏼 That's a first for me.

  • @Reshi Right?! I knew it was ultra premium but I kind of thought that was a little bit of "sales flash". Turns out the shit was 🔥! Like you I wish I had ordered more before it disappeared

  • Cool, glad it showed up timely… label confirmation is a post office issue, I can’t do anything about.

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