Something is going on with MedMan

I see posts that say orders are not being confirmed, and now Coinmama has declared to me that MedMan's e-wallet is an "online gambling service" and refuses to send bitcoin to them anymore.



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    I’ve seen the confirmation email thing happen before..There has been some menu updates today so hopefully all is well with @medman and team. @justaguy that stinks bro..maybe just coincidence 🤞🏼.

  • Email issues for sure, but we are open and shipping! That's crazy about Coinmama!

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    @Medboy - I know, right? My first response was "I do not and have never used your service for online gambling." That wasn't good enough. They had me reply with a very specific denial too.

    "I hereby confirm that I will avoid using Coinmama for the purpose of online gambling."

    Here is part of the email:

    "As part of our routine control checks, we noticed that cryptocurrency connected to your activities with Coinmama made its way to online gambling platforms."

    I'll order next Wednesday and let you know if there is an issue with them.

  • @justaguy Thanks for the heads up! I would definitely be curious to see if it reoccurs.

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    You can always send bitcoin from Coinmama to a personal wallet before sending to medman.

    This is going to become a bigger problem in the future so you have to think ahead.

  • I love gambling here. I wim every fuckin time now!

  • Cash app is by far the easiest and most pain free

  • @MikeyC ....same here..!

  • Yep, I send my Bitcoin into the ether and wager that within a week I will have a buzz. I have not lost yet. 👍🏼

  • Just got my package.. no losses here either @OzBaxter Medman always delivers! 😎

  • Hey Medboy, I sent you litecoin and never got a post office pop the label was sent? Long story on litecoin but I ordered this week. Of course no emails.

  • Stay away from coinmama they did me the same way about a yr ago they block me from sending bc to this site . I only use cashapp. Haven't had any problems with them

  • Thanks for the info about Cashapp. I'll look into them. I think I'll get one more order out of Coinmama before they kick me out because of this.

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