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What up Medman friends?! Lots of excellent options from Loud and Merlin right now. Thought it would be cool to have a thread to post your thoughts/reviews of what’s 🔥 & on the current menu.

Right now I’m loving

Merlins Georgia Pie

Loud’s Pink Runtz

Loud’s Peanut Butter Breath.

These are all premium and above but I also ran through some Lemon Cherry Gelato & GH Deps Jealousy…just curious what you guys are enjoying. Miss all the reviews that used to be on here. Although it’s hard to keep up lately 😎


  • Nice! All those look excellent. I still have a bit of the ga pie from the last time it was up and I love it. Hard for me not to reorder but there are a ton of great strains up I think I might try the Mountain Dew. That PBB looks especially delicious - is it super a Stoney indica buzz with an earthy/peanut buttery taste?

    Other strains I’m loving is the classic indoor GMO and a nice daytime/early evening smoke with some Tropicana Banana. Cheers!

  • Once again, I appreciate the pics & reviews! You've motivated me to add to this list. Unfortunately I don't have any pics to post but others on here have put up pics of the strains. And to add, @MerlinsMagic & @LoudnCo have done a great job at taking better pics. So thank you for that!

    Ultra prem Jealousy aka JellySea- Merlin
    For me, a great 50/50 hybrid. Beautiful dark green/purple buds. Taste & smell are amazing. Euphoric & relaxing high, and an instant mood changer. I really enjoy this batch. Been puffing on this for about a week & it hits hard everytime.

    Ultra prem RedBull- Merlin
    Purple & green caked up buds. Most definitely indica dominant. Smells sweet & slighty spicy. For me this one was a creeper. I'd finish a joint and feel like I want more. But then I get a euphoric blast which quickly turns into sedation. Great for evenings as it puts all at ease.

    Super Prem Gumbo- Loud
    Dense, resinous caked up buds. Aroma is sweet. Taste sweet as well with hashy undertones. This stuff is potent. I usually don't put out joints but do for this because if you overdo it, it'll knock you out. But what a great high! And you always come back for more because it taste so damn good.

    Honorable mention: Indoor GMO- Merlin
    Beautiful sticky buds. Everything was stuck together taking it out of the bag. Pungent aroma that will stink the place up. Euphoric high that will eventually relax the whole body & put you out.

    I plan on ordering a split of Gary Payton & Slapz. But I'm not sure since the menu is loaded. Thanks for reading!

  • @superman38NC

    Definitely lots of great options! I love a good giggly strain that is also happy and uplifting. I have Gary Payton and really like it, and I am considering Pink Runtz.

    Which of the two do you find to be more giggly and happy? I always appreciate your reviews and recommendations. Thanks!

    And @ChunksEggo8187, Thank you for your reviews as well!

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    Wow thanks for the reviews and response guys! @posternugbag @ChunksEggo8187 @HockeyEagle Just what I was hoping for 😎 👊🏼

    The PBB is super delicious @posternugbag it’s very potent..too much will knock you out! It’s not quite as peanut buttery as the Peanut Butter Soufflé I had early summer. I see Merlin has that back up. I’m also curious about the Peanut Butter Runtz.

    @ChunksEggo8187 always great to see your feedback and reviews! Very nice list btw. I almost ordered Gumbo and still may before it’s over. Sounds right up my ally. That Jelly Sea has been catching my eye though. I really enjoyed the GH Deps so I bet the ultra is 🔥. Definitely honorable mention for GMO. I grabbed some soon as it hit the menu and received some beautiful chunky dense buds. One of my fav’s. Such a unique terpene profile and provides great rest.

    @HockeyEagle this batch of Pink Runtz is ⛽️ . Great flavor and the high hits hard. Very euphoric. Sends me to another place but the tail end almost puts me out. The most giggly care free strain I like is Georgia Pie. Doesn’t look it but that’s a 1/2 in that pic. Super dense buds. My wife says the GP puts me in the greatest mood.

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    Louds greenhouse purple urkle is fire too. Probably the best bud I've bought off here with Northern Lights being a close 2nd... I can't figure out how to post pics on this forum so sorry... The PU is mostly small nugs with a strong "purple" smell and taste. Kinda grape and sweet typical "purple" flavor. If ya know, ya know. Although this batch has almost no purple color in it. The effects are great. Hits hard and fast. Typical heavy indica feeling. Happy, hungry, sleepy. And in that order. The menu is loaded atm but I can't imagine anything being much better! It's a must try for sure..

  • You know Northern Lights is good when it’s documented in song lyrics.

  • @Mr4Sher your selling me on the urkle. It’s one of the few purps I haven’t tried over the yrs.

  • @superman38NC I love it. It's better than the premium Grandaddy Purp that cannabis club had up a couple months back. Speaking of, I miss CC! Need some Jack Herer in my life!!!

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    Love the reviews @superman38NC and everybody! Great idea! @Mr4Sher the current Purple Urkle sounds great! I’ve had it in the past from both Loud and Medmama…always excellent! I can’t speak to what’s really 🔥 on the menu. With the current economy, the fact I can get up to 9 ounces every 90 days with my medical card now, and my excessive cannabis consumption🤣, I don’t get as much here as I used to. That said, yesterday we received a two ounce split of Merlin’s outdoor Sunset Sherbet and Dosi Dosi (they subbed it for my requested Cherry Pie…only the second time we’ve been subbed in 5 years!). @superman38NC, to answer your earlier question, I’m pretty sure Merlin’s outdoor grower remains the same. Both the Sunset Sherbet and Dosi Dosi are as good as we’ve come to expect from Merlin’s and Medicineman’s outdoor flower. I still have some Dosi Dosi from June, and they are so similar (but not identical). Effects, aroma, and looks (for outdoor) from both are on point!

    Oh my Georgia Pie! Ok, it’s not Merlin’s, but couldn’t pass up a local ounce of Georgia Pie (sold locally as Gelatti Kush Mints) smalls for $164 otd! Probably shouldn’t be smoking it now…she’s a strong sleepy one!!! Thanks for the suggestion @superman38NC and @Southernbellesmoker!😎🧐. Wow!

  • I wish they would take it up a natch to exotic. Thats deff exotic price but not exotic buds

  • Strains I am enjoying now and definitely will reorder. The bud I have gotten from our 2 local dispensary can’t even compare to the quality bud I get on here. Keep the quality buds coming!!! Thanks Loud and Merlin

    Apples and bananas
    Georgia pie
    Runtz-Merlin’s batch (I have louds but have not tried it yet)
    Cereal milk

  • Appreciate the feedback! @TheProfessor i was wondering about the outdoor selection. 9 ounces every 90 days is awesome! I don’t blame you for slowing down your orders here. So many selections as it is. I don’t have access to a local dispensary, but I supplement in my own ways 😎. I’m glad you got some GP..it’s 🔥huh?! The Pink Runtz is up there too imo.

    Thx @gus appreciate your input too. How’s that Apples n Bananas? Was looking at cereal milk too..I ❤️about anything cookies

  • @superman38NC Apples and Bananas is outstanding hard hitter and has unique high. You open bag and the smell smacks u right the face. Cereal Milk is a nice smooth daytime smoke for me. I tried Louds Premo Runtz today and it was outstanding very euphoric and relaxing.

  • Anyone who has tried some of the Gary Payton from Merlin (or anyone who has ever had that strain).
    How would you describe it? What does it taste/smell like and

  • Thx! @gus both sound excellent

  • @posternugbag been a few days so couldn't tell exact or even detailed description but I do know remember being like damn that's pretty decent if that helps lol

  • The peanut butter breath is omg very light green, dense as heck. One toke hits you very hard! Cheetah piss is just as deadly toke too, more like cheetah scat! The buds are fricken huge and very dense like PPB. White truffle is kinda light bud but a good toke as well. Was kinda disappointed that my pineapple og was subbed with sweet tooth but the sweet tooth is not that bad, the smell is crazy!!! Nice sweet after taste.

  • I'm 100% satisfied with my orders of PPB, cheetah piss, and white truffle.

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    I was hitting some PBB last night…hard hitting for sure! Love the appearance, aroma, and flavor. As far as Sweet Tooth I normally grab some when I see it..the latest batch is alright..unique terps

  • The Georgia Pie was ahh-mazing. Well, everything has been ahh-mazing, but GP just hit all the marks with me. I had ordered it a few weeks ago, but did not see it on the order form this go around😭. I do hope it comes back in the near future!! Just got in Sour Tropicana and Cheetah Piss today. The buds on both are really big! Im a couple of bowls into the ST and its just plain icky, sticky, and stinky goodness! It tastes exactly as advertised. Looking forward to trying the Cheetah Piss!

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    Georgia pie smells and taste just like South Georgia fat lighter from fresh cut Georgia pine 🌲
    Definitely 🔥

  • I’ll ask my guy to keep growing the Georgie Pie 🙌

  • The GP is excellent! @MerlinsMagic thx!

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