Explanation Please

Could someone explain the different strains (outdoor, greenhouse, indoor, premium and super premium)? I prefer a very potent Indica if that makes a difference. Is one more potent than the other, etc?



  • Prices are based on inputs and outputs. However you can get potency cheap as well. Good luck.

  • Outdoor, GH, Indoor, Premium, and Sup Premium are the shelves. They just reflect how the bud was grown:
    Outdoor - Outdoors
    Greenhouse - In a green house
    Indoor- Indoors
    and ect. The prices also reflect the cost of supply how the bud was grown. It doesn't necessarily mean one is better than the other. We have some great outdoor strains that are just as good as some premiums. However, some premiums are out of this world good so prices are higher. Like I said though, prices don't always reflect potency so a good outdoor strain might have great potency, just as much as a premium, but just a bit cheaper because it was grown outdoors. Prices reflect all kinds of things. Hope that helps a bit. Read up on the descriptions of the buds on the site, we have plenty potent indicas.

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