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I received a cpl letters from USPS Criminal investigations unit stating that two of my packages were held from being delivered for illegal packages. My boxes were seized! All kinds of crazy scenarios are going through my head. I think each one held two ounces. What the hell do I do now?!? Man I'm freaking out bad.



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    My brother up in Alaska used to send me care packages until the last package was stopped during transit. I got a notice too that said they have my package (I forget the exact wording they used), but that was it. The package went away and nether he or I ever heard about it again.

    He also stopped sending me care packages, and that's about the time I found MedMan.


  • Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't it serious to cross state lines with this stuff packaged like that? I feel like my "med man" life is over!!! 😫

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    @907ak420 i had that happen probably 3-4 yrs ago but wasn’t medman. I received a letter stating I had so many days to claim the package. I never made any attempt to collect, call, or contact the usps about it. Supposedly after so many days it’s disposed of I guess. Freaked me out too so I understand. As long as you don’t reply you should be good. Do you have another address you can use?

  • @907ak420 - If anyone on the other end were to investigate this, I think they would go back towards the source. They know that you can claim ignorance to anything and everything, so they won't look your direction. Besides, they have bigger fish to fry than to chase down the source of a couple of ounces of smoke. IMHO

  • @superman38NC, I don't have another address to use, not here in this town.

  • Those were my missing packages from may. I asked the dam post mistress about them numerous times. Back in July and August.

  • The letters came in the same time I got my orders from loud and merlin. Holy smokes the cheetah piss more like cheetah scat! The nuggets are HUGE! and very dense. The white truffle is nice easy toke. Bunch of other strains I haven't opened up to try yet. I will save those for later use as my med jars are packed full.

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    @907ak420 ok gotcha..sounds like you’ve received several packages since then. I imagine you’ll be good then.

    Anything scat or pee I try to avoid haha..only 🔥 bud makes that exception 😎

  • @superman38NC that's the strains name, cheetah piss. Just saying more like scat because the buds are huge😂

  • @907ak420 Just curious were those letters addressed to you or to your address?

  • Addressed to me @antfuzz

  • I wonder if it's safe to order now?

  • @907ak420. - No you live in a small town in AK with proven PO prohibitionists. Not worth the legal consequences. You can purchase in Anchorage or Fairbanks

  • @907ak420 that is, anchorage or Fairbanks dispensaries. Although you probably would be ok, you should never ever underestimate the Federal prohibitionists in the PO box. Look at the elections from last week- cannabis should be legal in at least 4/5 of those states. It is only through extreme legal manuvering that cannabis is not legal in SD or in OK. Cannabis was legal in SD but somehow the voters were disenfranchised.

  • @antfuzz both my name and address, a letter from the US postal inspectors. Stating a package with contents was stopped because it contained something that's not supposed to be sent via mail.

  • @907ak420 If you decide to start ordering again you would need to use a P.O Box or a new shipping address.

  • So was Happy Trees just a test?

  • @superman38NC @medboy - You have asked an intriguing question... We need a shipper based in Colorado, Oregon, or Southern California like medicine love. Never tried CC due to their poor reviews.

  • @superman38NC - Medicine Love had great strains and was based out of Oregon

  • @superman38NC There was another shipper, whose name escapes me at the moment, and they had a similar menu as the one that Happy Trees briefly had. CBD flower, a few edibles and the Lambs Breath vape refills ring a bell. The Ringos Gift was on their menu for sure too. Yes, I remember Medicine Love and they had some great strains. Love the thank you note in your order stating how you were supporting smaller growers in OR. Sad to see them and Cannabis Club move on. CC had some classic strains that I loved. Blue Dream, Jack Herrer and GSC. They were a bit over zealous with the vacuum packaging but the quality of bud was consistant. Their GDP vape carts were stellar too. Oh well, time moves on....

  • We were running a site test using old products. Those were not suppose to go live, total accident on my part. I have emailed all the customers that ordered any of the products that weren't suppose to go live, if you did not receive my email and ordered any of them please email me.

  • @superman38NC I'm not positive on name but seems it had Mary Jane in name. Something like Medical Mary Jane or Mary Jane meds....that was 3 years ago. Maybe that helps joggle ur memory bc it's driving me crazy I can't think of name myself. 🤔 🙂

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    Thx everyone for the responses! I was just curious because I recall MB mentioning something cool coming in another thread. Thought that was it. @Lou_lew i believe it was Mary Jane a few yrs back. Honestly between @LoudnCo @MerlinsMagic the menu and options are 🔥. I just placed an order for Loud’s Rs-11 and more Pink Runtz. Hopefully will arrive in time for my Thanksgiving appetizers 😎

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    @superman38NC Dude!!!! Louds RS11 sounds downright amazing!!! I'm sure I'll miss out on it but please leave a review. I fucking love Cap'n Crunch!!!

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    @Mr4Sher it does sound amazing right?!! I was going to wait till the sale to order from Merlin with more Georgia Pie but saw the menu change. Been a min since I ordered from Loud. I’ll definitely leave a review.

  • @superman38NC Yeah, that Georgia Pie will be hard to top imo. Black Friday will probably be my next order but idk what will be available. And I'm probably going to have to go with a outdoor/greenhouse this order. Either Lemon Kush and Zkittles Cake from Loud or the Grape Gas and more Tropicana Cookies or that Lemon Meringue from Merlin... All depending on what's available. If that RS11 is still up on Louds page imma figure out a way to afford it tho! Cap'n Crunch>Fruity Pebs!!!! This statement will cause a fight in my household. But to be clear I stand with the Cap'n!!!

  • Ugh yeah I was lookin forward to tryna snag some Georgia pie but looks like all got snatched up already but I'm sure there'll be something tasty and effective come time

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    @Mr4Sher you referring to the strain Cap’nCrunch or the cereal? 😎 The GP was fire! Have a little bud left that I’m holding onto. @Vapedad78 Who knows maybe there will be a reload. Grape gas, lemon meringue, and Trop cookies all look excellent!

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