FORUM FRIENDS!!! Seeking opinions and advice for my birthday

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Let me start by saying, I feel ancient! In exactly 1 year I will be 40 fucking years old! Short story is I turned 39 today... Not cool.. It goes by so damn fast. All the old heads always tried telling me how fast life goes by and I never really get what they meant till now... OK, so I'm wondering about what I should get on my bday order. I have it down to either a split of Peanut Butter Breath and LA Confidential from Loud or a split of Georgia Pie and Peanut Butter Soufle from Merlin... Decisions, decisions... Help me! I can't make up my mind!


  • @Mr4Sher

    Happy birthday, OLD MAN!! LOL! just kidding, my buddy. On the 12th of Nov, I'll be 43, so I'm a ahead of ya by a few.

    I know that the PB souffle from Merlin, is dank, sticky, and an all around great smoke.

    If it were me, though, I'd go with LA Confidential & PB Breath simply because those 2 have been bangers in the past from other sources in my experience, and myself have never really been disappointed by Loud.

    Weigh your pros and cons, my friend.
    Do you want it yesterday? Lmao, then I'd go with Merlin. Or if you don't mind waiting a few more days, then go with Loud.

    I hope you have a WONDERFUL Bday! Smoke one for me since I'm out, and eat some cake!

  • @Mr4Sher FU I'm 66 that being said the Georgia Pie is AMAZING Happy BDay

  • Happy Birthday youngster! Your feel ancient?...I'm looking at retirement, Social Security and Medicare.🤣 Sounds like your can't really go wrong with either split @Mr4Sher. I do like the Georgia Pie, and my friend @MigraineWarrior79 makes a great point about shipping. In any case, enjoy the day, my could be worse!😉😎🧐

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    Happy Birthday!! 🎉 🎂 @Mr4Sher I'm not too far ahead of you my friend..watching my kids grow reminds me how quick life can be 😎.

    Excellent choices though..I’m a big fan of all. LA Con is old school. I’ve tried both PB soufflé and PB Breath can’t go wrong with either..the Georgia Pie is my fav! I’ve W&B several times so it’s not too strong for the day..

  • Thank you friends... I appreciate the love! I know a lot of you still see me as a pup but I'm definitely old enough to understand how fast it all goes. Don't blink!!! Well an adult-parent situation came up and my kids wants got put above mine. So I'm not gonna make this order until Wednesday now. Oh well. I'm not rolling roaches or anything so I'll be fine. I do think I'm going with the Merlin order if they still have those strains Wednesday! The reviews of Georgia Pie have swayed me.. Still a hard choice tho. That Peanut Butter Breath looks great and LA Confidential is on my "strains to try" list... Maybe next month...

  • You can't go wrong in any of the suggestions you received. I'm one of those old heads and retirement comes slow after that it's a rocket ride to your 80's which I'm just about half there. Play your cards right and it can be the best time of your life. So my friend @TheProfessor is looking forward to a great retirement and I have no doubt he'll medicate well into his 90's😉🤪

  • Just turned 68 in July and retired in June after 28 years in the cardiac OR. All I can say is don't dwell on how fast it's going, just make everyday the best it can be. That time vortex gets faster as me move down the path.

  • @bluedreamer excellent advice! Thank you!

  • Finally got my bday order in! Went with the Georgia Pie and PEANUT Butter Soufle split. I usually don't get premiums cuz I like "grown in sun" weed cuz I think the sun gives the plants better terps and my budget but, I really wanted to try these and give myself a present for my birthday. Hope the Georgia Pie is as good as everyone says...

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    Happy Birthday fellow scorpio I'm 39 also today on the 17th life definitely feels faster after 35 or so happy Birthday don't get too caught up in that we all have to go out just make sure you do it your way light up my dudes or vape 🤷‍♂️

  • @615don Happy belated!!! Always good to see a fellow Scorpio. Mine was Oct 29th but thank you and have a great 39th. It's our last one till the big 4-0......

  • @Mr4Sher happy belated bday to all the Scorpio....41 on Oct 24th. I feel ya on the big 4-0...seems older ya get faster time goes...happy🌲🌬

  • @Mr4Sher

    Fellow Scorpios unite!!

    Mine was last Saturday. 43 Gen X!
    Smoking some a little Truffle Shuffle to get my afternoon started.

  • Last Tuesday here! 60-something 😉.
    It’s Friday, couple more hours until the weekend which I think I’ll kick off with some high powered Jealously when I get home! Have a great weekend all…especially all us Scorpios (through Monday).

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    @Lou_lew @MigraineWarrior79 @TheProfessor Happy belated birthday friends!!! SCORPIOS KICK ASS!!! Bout to medicate for the 1st time today myself... Gonna be a Georgia Pie afternoon!

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