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Hey y’all! Any recommendations on some really surprisingly good outdoor on merlins menu right now? Or anything not super premium that’s still pretty great? Trying to get a little more for my money this go! Thanks!!


  • I think Merlin has only one outdoor right now and dosi doozy is a good one.

  • Yes Dosi dosi is indeed a very nice nighttime strain.. Has the lovely "cookie" genetics we all love! It is a sedating strain though so if your looking for something to wake and bake with you might consider something else. Unless you're wanting to go right back to bed anyways... Definitely recommend Dosi Dosi!

  • @Southernbellesmoker

    I'll say that Merlin has available Lemon Cherry Gelato Smalls under prem for $150/ a half, and that's a pretty great deal because they're still prem buds, just smaller with less stems.
    Def a bargain!

  • I was going to get the Dosi Dosi, but I think I'm going to try to split Lemon Cherry Gelato smalls with indoor Gary Payton. Not sure if they'll honor, but they are the same price so why not try? It sounds like the Dosi Dosi and Lemon Cherry Gelato are similar.

  • @Sixwaychili

    Definitely doesn't hurt to try! 😊💚

  • @Sixwaychili sorry but hijacked your idea and requested indoor split with half premium smalls lcg but moon boots if they couldn't so fingers crossed we'll see what shows up hopefully sooner than later

  • No problem @Vapedad78 ! I ended up getting my split in under 3 days!

  • @Sixwaychili sweet congrats fingers crossed hopefully tomorrow will know something. So they did honor the primo smalls split will indoor? And if so guessing the smalls still 🔥?

  • I'm guessing I got the premium smalls cause definitely smalls but packed a crazy punch so definitely pleased on that even though says sub moon boots at bottom however requested gmo and got subbed gelato on it for some reason so we'll see how it is haven't gotten gelato in a hot min but thank yall from promptness and honoring request appreciate the hell outta yall for sure

  • @Vapedad78 yeah, I got the lemon cherry smalls split with indoor Gary Payton. And yeah, the smalls are still fire! I haven't even opened the GP yet.:D

  • @Sixwaychili hows the Gary Payton? What other strains would you compare the taste and smell of it to?

  • @posternugbag Still haven't opened it yet. Love the LCG! I'll let you know when I do.

  • ❤️❤️❤️

  • Btw Merlins Grease Monkey is really good. Delicious flavors, smooth smoke, and very relaxing. It doesn’t leave you couch locked. If you’ve had GG4 before you’ll like this one.

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