G.O.A.T. Strain

I've noticed it sells out really fast but I've never saw a review. It's on my "strains to try" list but I have so many on there and so little $! Lol. I do want to try some 1:1 strains like this soon tho. It's a Premium strain that Loud has often. Any reviews appreciated...


  • I tried it about a year ago when it first popped up on the menu but I was not impressed. However this batch might be different, so I cannot say.

  • I have always gotten really good reviews on The G.O.A.T. It's one of their best sellers. A lot of our long time smoker customers love it.

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    @medboy Have you tried it? Lol. I think next time it's available and i put in an order imma give it a go. I'd also like to try Harlequin, Stephen Hawking Kush and Pennywise... They are all supposed to be great 1:1 strains!

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