Vaping Batteries and Voltage question

Somewhat new to vaping. Have used 2 different batteries #1) 3 heat modes, green, blue & red, on/off, preheat and broken! #2) 1 heat mode in green, Ooze 1000 Ohm Bat, on/off, preheat. Both have worked well but prefer the ooze bat as it last 2 days before recharge and delivers a reasonable hit, sometimes harsh but pretty rare.
However my last batch of refill's was either a bad batch (not happened so far) or I have a technical issue. All 4 where harsh.
Have been using refillable carts ( grey tip) going on 4th plus refills. So I have bought new ceramic burner carts and a new battery. An Ooze product w adjustable voltage 3.3 volts - 4.8 volts. Appears to be slightly smaller then the 1000 so charging everyday is back on the table.
My question is with refills carts by Med-Mama. Any ideas on where to start my with adjustable voltage? 3.4 seems low, 4.8 seem pretty high?


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    Tracker3795 I read a post in Rolling Stone Mag, and it said to use the lowest setting it is better for your health, the higher the voltage the more carcinogenics you consume which is cancer causing not sure if this helps.

  • Jerry, thank you. All information is helpful. Of all the answers I thought I might get, your comment was one that never entered the brain on any level. I was thinking "efficiency of burn". The cancer part of equation has to be considered. An efficient burn that kills you is not the efficiency I'm after.
    That being said I wonder in vaping a one gram cartridge of thc oil your exposed to "x" amount of carcinogens in total. So, if you consume it at 3.4 volts, it would take say two weeks to be exposed to the all carcinogens in the one gram vape. If you vape it at 4.8 volts in will only take a week to be exposed to all the carcinogens in the one gram vape.
    Either way I still have to believe that in smoking raw weed your exposed to a 100 x more carcinogens then vaping. Less Carcinogens is my reason for vaping to start with.
    I will work on not writing a book for a comment!

  • Would love to see some medical research that says there are any carcinogens in cannabis. Yes if there are pesticides (I try to buy only organic) and yes if you're sucking in lighter fumes, but absent of that, there is zero evidence that cannabis causes cancer. If there were, they'd use that as the reason to keep prohibition going and big pharma would never shut up about it. It would be on the news every single night.

    I'm pretty sure that this vaping ridiculousness that is on the news every night now is either big pharma or tobacco backed or both. They know damn well what is causing the problem but instead of explaining what the problem is and telling people how to avoid it, they'll just scream VAPING KILLS YOU every night on the news so that people keep smoking cigarettes and keep taking their extremely harmful psych meds. Many billions of dollars are at stake.

  • There aren't carcinogens in cannabis, not when it's in its natural state. But these heating coils might have constituents that react with the cannabis vapor; there hasn't been enough research on that. What little research there is suggests that if you use a lower voltage setting, then there aren't any detectable levels of such dangerous chemicals in the vapor. Higher voltages are a question mark.

    I use 3.7v on my personal vape at home and it works great! I don't adjust it either up or down.

  • Well I have to say I learned quite a bit with this thread. Thank you for your comments.
    Didn't realize there was zero carcinogens in raw weed. However, when you burn it there is carbon particles involved, which can line the lungs, which may cause scaring of the lungs which can cause cancer. Not a scientist and not overly intelligent, so Im out on limb a bit with that statement.
    Heating an oil to boiling would not cause carbon, unless you went past the boiling point to burning with a higher voltage. Which fits the Rolling Stone article's info. We could use a real "scientific" study regarding this matter.
    I will start with 3.7 Volts and probably leave it there. If works for medboy that should work for me.
    Again thank you for enlightening conversation. I love this place!

  • Looks to me like you've got it right. All smoke contains particulate matter which can irritate your lungs, and that irritation is one way that you can increase your cancer risk. The curious thing is that long-term studies have failed to find a link between regular cannabis smoking and lung cancer. It could be that the anti-cancer effects of cannabis are balancing out the cancer risk of regularly inhaling smoke.

    In any case, I feel safe stating that at lower voltages, the cartridges are still the healthier choice than smoking.

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