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Hello Med Fam!

Just wanted to update everyone and clarify on our "Substitution" policy.

Our stock fluctuates daily and sometimes it can take the site a while to update to reflect our current stock, so I try to keep up and update it myself as quickly as possible. Our shippers try their best to honor every order and every sub request however, if a product is out of stock then it's out of stock. Going forward it would help immensely if you could all ALWAYS include a sub choice in the comments section of your order. The shippers will only sub if they absolutely need to. If your order is for 2 ounces or more of a product that ran out of stock I will reach out to you and request a sub choice, otherwise the shippers will try their best to fulfill your order with your sub choice or another strain closest to the one you ordered. We know you all would like your orders as quickly as possible, so always adding a sub will help move this process along. This reflects our sub policy on the rules page listed below.




  • This is not a complaint, but I hope this does not turn into a thing where we place an order and if it's not a large order they just send whatever is the most in stock while what was ordered remains available on the menu. Repeated occurrences like that would be a problem. Not saying it's happened. But no more "no subs" means we just have to accept whatever they send without question. Slippery slope.

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    Not complaining either and not being ungrateful. Because I'm very grateful to have this service but the way this is worded it makes me feel like your opinion is, if we aren't buying 2 or more zips we aren't worthy of a courtesy email, but if we spend enough money we are... Again I'm not trying to start an argument or get banned. Just stating how it sounds to me.

  • My last order of Georgia Pie was subbed with Peanut Butter Soufflé, was I disappointed, NOT one damn bit!!!!!!!!!!!

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    @antfuzz I had a split of GP and PBS a bout a month ago. Both are superb. The GP is special though...

  • It has nothing to do with the size of an order. Customers will ONLY be subbed if the product they ordered is out of stock. This is why we would like customers to ALWAYS add a "SUB" in the comments section of their order. So we can fulfill the order in a timely manner and everyone's happy.

    I am layers removed from the shippers. When someone doesn't add a sub or writes in "NO SUBS", the shippers have to go back and forth with me, in turn I have to go back and forth with multiple customers, and then back and forth with the shippers again. This is very time consuming and could possibly delay your shipments for multiple days. We can cut through this entire process if customers just always add a sub. Writing in "No Subs" just isn't effective because if the item you ordered is out of stock and you added "no subs" we still have to sub you. We would prefer everyone get a product they want and 100% of the time customers always have a second choice, so adding it into the comments section is more effective.

  • OK fair enough. I appreciate you explaining it in detail. Hopefully there won't be much need for that kind of thing but if it happens it happens. Like @Mr4Sher I am always grateful for the service this place provides and for the one on one service we get when things go wrong. 👍🏼

  • I try my best to provide top notch customer service. Med Fam would be nothing without our customers! Just want everyone to be happy :)

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    @medboy Understood. Thank you for clarifying. My only complaint was the fact the subs I received were not on the menu so I didn't expect Purple Punch to even be a possibility. If I had I would clarify not to send that. Also idk what the other strain is cuz the label is written in sloppy cursive that is illegible. I have a few orders under my belt so I know this doesn't happen often. Still a bummer. Thank you for clarifying your process tho. Greatly appreciated...

  • @Mr4Sher It may have been what they had left of a previously listed strain. Wish I could help on the illegibility issue, but I wouldn't know. Going forward just make sure to choose a sub.

  • Subs should be same spectrum- if you order a sativa it should sub with a sativa etc

  • @MikeyC Yes, I spoke with the shippers about that already.

  • @Trippy Not sure when more strains will be in but Holiday Vaca is 12/23-1/2

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    So I got my order today and what I was talking about came true. I ordered Hawaiian punch and white widow vapes. I put my subs in there as huckleberry and gorilla glue. What I received was nothing but subs, and both products that I wanted are still on the menu. Is there a possible explanation for this? @medboy @MerlinsMagic

  • To clarify: No complaints about quality. Just wanting to understand the subs policy. Thanks!

  • You know what, nevermind. It's fine. I'm just going to get high and enjoy what I have. Merry Christmas 🎄

  • @OzBaxter I’ll never sub for something else if I still have it.

    If you make an order for 4oz and I have only 2oz I will give you the last 2 and then sub 2.

    Because of the sub issue, I do my best to get a good amount of each type so that people will get their orders.

    It’s a balance with having a good selection.

    Sometimes I find an amazing deal but there’s only a little bit in which case I will write in the description limited quantity, please select sub.

    @Mr4Sher if we have your desired sub then we can send it out that day.

    Otherwise it can take a bunch of days and also interrupts the production flow.

    Everyone is worthy of getting what they want. If you write it on there we can be sure to get it to you.

    Subbing is one of the hardest parts of the job, so it’s definitely appreciated when you tell us how you like it.

    @OzBaxter we got a restock of the vapes… they were down for a couple days and we weren’t 100% if we’d be able to restock. Please write what happened in your next order for a free vape. @medboy

  • @OzBaxter To add to Merlins comment, sometimes we run out of stock on a product but by the time you get your package and you notice a sub and check the menu it might be back in stock by then. The shippers will ONLY sub if they have to.

    Email me when you submit your next order and I will add a vape to your order.

  • @MerlinsMagic @medboy This happened from before Christmas so I appreciate you guys responding at all 👍🏼 I understand. It's disappointing sometimes but that's just the nature of the business I guess. I appreciate your offer for the Vape and will certainly take you up on it. Thanks again for the explanation.

  • My question is why was I subbed when the product I ordered, as well as what I asked to sub with are both still listed on the order form today, and this was shipped out about a week ago?

  • @GoodVibes75 This is likely one of two scenarios. One, the inventory level is incorrect and the item needs to come down. Two, the item was restocked as inventory changes all the time.

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